the solitude is strength

you’ll have to be alone for a bit, you’ll have to embrace the loneliness for a while. you’ll need to understand that everything you’ve searched for in others can be found within yourself. for me, whiskey words & a shovel was an expression of what poured from my soul while resting within my own solitude. writing whiskey words & a shovel gave me peace and it also taught me that being alone doesn’t have to be some negative event or situation. sometimes we find more of ourselves in the absence of others. sometimes you have to let go to find more of everything you thought could be found in those around you. in solitude, you realize that you are everything and so to everyone reading these words, i hope you understand that you are powerful and that you matter. the beginning of love starts with the realization that maybe you deserve YOU and maybe YOU are all YOU need at this moment.

we search for love, failing to realize that the search should always begin within. make loneliness your paradise, find peace of mind in solitude. life is too short to be half loved. life is too short for emotional chaos. i’ve learned that sometimes the people we lose are not true losses and sometimes being left with yourself provides the soul an opportunity for rest.

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