Who is Samantha King

Samantha King at MoMA in NYC

It’s eleven in the evening on a Friday night in New York and while others are stressed over what to wear on a night out on the town with others in search of solace, Samantha King sits silently in her room on her bed, next to a dream board that enlist five things she wishes to accomplish.

Recently signing to a major publishing company and with the deadline for the manuscript for her first book approaching, tonight she’d rather work. A few sighs can be heard as her eyes scan over the words in which she’s used to craft lines of truth in the form of poetry that can easily tug at one’s heart strings and it would seem as if those same words are capable of doing the same to her as I watch the tiredness within her eyes as she’s forced to relive some of those things with each line of art that reflects different events over the course of her life as a woman. Working on putting together something beautifully painful but filled with clarity, she multitasks, responding to the many questions that fill her inbox. Refusing to neglect the needs of those who need a word of inspiration and or advice while attempting to navigate through their own life, filled with chaos and uncertainty. She cares and it’s evident by the way she takes time out of completing a task that has brought her closer to her dreams, just to provide some sense of peace to the people who have chosen to follow her literary journey through Instagram.

It’s getting later and while some are stumbling home, intoxicated on a Saturday morning in need of rest. Samantha King is drunk off the possibilities of enhancing her reach and the ability to make a difference and or impact a generation that has often been referred to as lost. It is now three in the morning and she’s finally fast asleep. I’m looking at her dream board now and of the five things she enlisted, number three was to get published. She’s almost there, a dream realized.

Who is Samantha King? She’s a creative, a writer with a story to tell and the ambition to make her dreams come true. She means so much to others who find peace in her words, those who relate to the lines of poetry in which she’s chosen to share. Samantha King is whatever she wants to be and she’s everything to me.

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