listen to me, hear me out or read me or understand exactly what i’m attempting to express. you don’t need people, that’s the first thing you need to understand. you don’t need anyone…sure enough when you’re a child, you are dependent on your parents but as an adult there needs to be an understanding of not placing too much value and importance on the connecting with others because i truly believe that if you take the time to connect to yourself, understand yourself, love yourself, hold yourself to the highest of standards. you then open up the option of deciding who and what you allow into your life and those options will often reflect the high frequency that you’ve developed within yourself.

this unhealthy co-dependence has ben fixated into our lives since birth. this co-dependence or this idea of needing people has been so heavily ingrained into our minds that we allow the people we think we need to hurt us and disrespect us in ways that cause us to lose respect for ourselves. a family member who lies or deceives, a friend who is never there when we need them. a mate who betrays us or makes us feel as if we’re just an option, mostly secondary to most people. these people are allowed to walk in and out of our lives because we feel like we need them as if losing would be some significant loss when in all honesty, it isn’t.

you don’t need people but you’ll always need yourself. you don’t need people and so once you get rid of this unhealthy idea, you’ll find that it may actually be easier to choose the right people to accept into your life if you decide to cultivate any relationships outside of yourself. the people you entertain…including family can often have a major impact on your relationship with self as well as others. it is equally important to understand that being alone doesn’t always mean being lonely and sometimes being alone provides the best opportunity to create relationships that truly matter and ones that last but they all begin with yourself. you can’t love yourself and love people who hurt you. it doesn’t work that way. you love yourself enough to do away with any relationship that disrupts your peace. destroy this idea that your life and it’s quality is completely reliant on the bonds you have with others. give yourself more credit and understand that the bond you create your own heart and soul will often be the greatest indication of the type of life you lead.

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