Your Relationship is Not a Relationship

Are you happy? Are you sure? Are you progressing? Are you living your best life? Relationships should promote growth, emotional prosperity. Relationships should provide an onset of new life, inspiration and joy. Relationships should promote overall emotional and mental peace. A relationship should never force you into a space in which causes you to compromise the positive things that should occur within your life. Are you compromising your peace to be in a relationship that feels more like hell?

You are not in a relationship if that relation to another person causes you hate your own existence. This is not a relationship, this is an emotional prison and it’s time to break free. I want you to understand there is love in being with someone who is sure about you. There is love in being with someone who isn’t looking to replace you eventually. A lot of my understanding of love has not only been defined by my own relationship but also within the pages of the book “ Born to Love, Cursed to Feel “ by Samantha King. Here in this book, we have a young woman struggling with not only her own identity but also trying to figure out the meaning of true love. This young woman finds herself in the grips of relationships that destroy her peace only to figure out that these relationships were never really worth her time and or effort. Reading this book gave me a clear insight into the hell that occurs when a person chooses the wrong mate but it also works as a way of identifying what not to do and who not to choose when dating or searching for love.

If you’re unhappy, leave. Life is too short. If you’re mate is tearing you down then they don’t love you and if they don’t appreciate your love then honestly, they don’t love themselves. Your relationship is not an actual relationship if you’re with someone who forces your soul and heart into sadness.

I hope you find the strength to let go….

I know it’s hard…

but just think, living a life with someone who ruins your life

for the rest of your life is worse…