Trump Admin Is Filled With Financial Predators Who Profited From The Recession
Examining the Hidden Causes of Income Inequality

All this is true, of course, but the article misses the fact that it’ s simply a ‘denouement’ of the drift to oligarchy that’s been occurring since the 1970’s. Take, for example, Obama. He presided over the largest bank bail out in history — obediently following his role as a JP Morgan sponsored and groomed place man and aided by his Goldman Sachs appointed cabinet- that bail out was also the single largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in human history. Of course, Obama’s obedient services to the elite have nothing (absolutely nothing, no, of course not) to do with his $60 million advance for his autobiography or the $400,000 a time he gets for giving speeches to his Wall Street chums.

The problem for society is not individual politicians. It’s much broader. the entire political system has been corrupted by money — all candidates are bought and paid for by wealthy individuals and corporations and backed by a mainstream media that is nothing more than a peddler of propaganda and which actively collaborates with money and government to suppress the truth. Vote left, vote right-it’s irrelevant because whoever wins an election, the elite win the election because all candidates are their candidates; ‘left’ and ‘right’ is a false dichotomy as it, in reality, no longer exists — there is only ‘the trend’ which always move in the same direction under any administration of any colour; the trends towards more and more wealth inequality, less and less opportunity, more and more censorship, worsening health outcomes for the poor and (always, always) more and more, lovely, lovely war. We are ruled by psychopaths.