BREAKING NEWS! New Celebrity Sex Scandal!

“The unvarnished, brutal truth about celebrity is that it is a world of fakes and freaks, liars and cheats”.

Just like this famous entertainment industry figure — a household name and a serial abuser. (This extract is taken from my book ‘I Really Really Want It).

This afternoon is one of The Producer’s Fun Days, he is going to have a bit of R and R. And why the hell not? He deserves it. He’s built up a huge media empire over the last few years and if he wants to have some fun, who’s to tell him no? No-one. No one would dare. People don’t say no to The Producer. Not ever. He can make you, or he can break you.

And if it so happens that his fun involves humiliating and sexually abusing impressionable, maybe even vulnerable, boys and girls (The Producer is like a paedophile when it comes to sex, boys or girls it does not matter, his sex is not about sex — it’s about power and control) then so what? A man in his position can do exactly as he wants and get away with it. He knows his victims won’t say a thing. Even after he has humiliated and abused them they’ll still not tell anyone. Instead they’ll keep their mouths shut hoping, just hoping, that The Producer may yet smile upon them and usher them into the world of celebrity. Even if one of his victims did decide to tell their story he has more than enough power and influence through his stable of global and national stars, television shows and franchises to control what the media says.

Oh, these boys and girls, these aspiring stars, they want it. They want it oh so badly. They’re his to play with, his to build up and knock down, his to use, his to abuse. He fucking owns them. Body and fucking soul.

Today’s victim is Sharise. Sharise is from Manchester. She’s nineteen, she lives with her mum, and she works in a bar. Like all The Producer’s victims, she really, really wants to be famous. Sharise is a pretty girl: tall, slim, high cheek bones, jet black hair, deep green eyes that are full of life and still brim-full with the hope of youth. Great tits and ass, too. The Producer thinks she looks a bit like a dark-haired Shelley Bright. He fucked Shelley once, when she was young and needed favours to get ahead in her career. Fucked her pussy and then did her up the arse then came in her face, right here, in this office.

After one of The Producer’s PA’s has ushered in Sharise. He pushes a clever little button on the underside of his desk that locks his office door and closes the blinds. This is for his own privacy and also acts as a signal to his staff that he is absolutely not to be disturbed. He’s got important work to do: shattering somebody’s dreams, stealing their innocence and corrupting their body.

“Sharise, welcome, come in, please, I saw the little film clip you sent us, lovely, very nice, you’re a very pretty girl — maybe there’s something we can do with you.”

“Oh really!” squeaks Sharise. She is excited that her dream might be about to come true, but a bit put out that there is nowhere to sit in The Producer’s office. “I really, really want this, I’ll do anything to get famous! It’s all I’ve ever wanted, it’s my dream!”

“Okay, that’s great…now stop shuffling, love…just stand there in the circle on the carpet.” Sharise looks down at the office floor, she notices there is indeed a circle woven into the thick, luxurious carpet that covers the floor of The Promoter’s office. It is about five feet from his desk. She positions herself there, in the circle, as instructed.

“Well, love, here’s the good news. Besides being a very pretty girl you’re obviously enthusiastic and committed, that’s good, I like that. The bad news is that your voice is a heap of shit, you just can’t sing, love, you’re hopeless, bloody awful.”

Sharise’s mouth drops open, her peachy complexion reddens. She looks lost, confused and distraught; her parade has been well and truly rained on.

“But hold on in there, all is not lost. With a lot of work you could be in with a chance, but that will require a lot of effort on my part, and commitment and personal sacrifice on your part. Above all, Sharise, we need to trust each other and you absolutely must do what I say at all times.” Sharise nods eagerly, she’s been knocked down, now she is being built back up. She’s ready to play her part.

“Trust and commitment,” continues The Producer, “that’s what this is about, that’s what I need from you. Now, look, your best feature is your body, that’s what we can work with — but I need to see more of it to know exactly what I’m going to do with you, how I’m going to, erm, market you. Will you take off your knickers for me?”

“My knickers, sir?” queries a surprised and disbelieving Sharise.

“Yes, your knickers, love. Trust and commitment, remember? Let’s not fall at the first at the first hurdle shall we, dear?”

“No sir, yes sir,” Sharise coyly reaches up under her skirt and slides her knickers down her smooth, shapely legs.

Now The Producer has a raging hard on. She is ready to play. Good girl.

“Hmm, yes, that’s very good but now I need a little bit more commitment from you. Are you ready to lift up your skirt and show me your cunt?”

Sharise looks genuinely shocked by the obscenity that has come from The Producers mouth, and at the obscenity of his suggestion. The Producer sees her discomfort and his dick gets even harder.

“Sharise, do you really, really want this enough to do what you’re told? Come on, love, this is all about you trusting me and you being committed to being a star. Show me you have that commitment!” Sharise struggles with her embarrassment and fear. Makes a decision. And lifts up her dress.

Bingo! The Producer’s got her, she’s all his. His dick is so hard that it’s straining against his trousers, trying to burst out.

The Producer gets up from behind his desk and walks up to Sharise, standing just in front of her. “Lovely cunt you got there, darling, I can definitely do something with that. I’m just going to put a couple of fingers up there, that’s okay isn’t it, love?”

Through gritted teeth and with eyes closed Sharise says just one word “yes”, and tears begin to slide down her pretty, young face (seeing these almost causes The Producer to blow his load in his pants right there and then).

As The Producer feels around inside Sharise with his fingers, his other hand unzips his fly and frees his erection. “Lovely, lovely, you got lovely lips too, beautiful, now, love, trust and commitment, remember, I want you go down on your knees and use those lovely lips to suck my dick…okay?”

Sharise (trusting and committed) drops to her knees. The Producer pushes his erection into her warm, young mouth. “Oh yes, that’s superb, I just know we can work together… yeh…now, do you trust me not to come in your mouth?” Sharise looks up and (mouth full) nods her head slightly to show The Producer that she does indeed trust him. “Oh, you silly, silly girl,” he says and shoots a massive load down her throat.

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