Dem Leaders Reiterate That They’ll Be Changing Absolutely Nothing
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin’s right — something’s got to give. Our politics are a farcical pantomime, a sad and desultory shower of sociopaths doing the bid of the corporate psychopaths who own them, ably assisted by a corrupt media that no longer broadcasts news but propaganda. The world is effectively been run by a few thousand incrediblly rich, evil old men with wallets where their hearts should be; everything is rigged and manipulated to supply their boundless greed for money, blood and the corruption of innocence. Like all psychopaths, they are incapable of seeing the long term consequences of their actions, everything is about satisfying their immediate and perverse desires. The oceans are dying, our soil is poisoned, entire ecosystems are dying out, the Doomsday Clock is at two and a half minutes to midnight but none of that matters to our corporate psychopath rulers and their tame and treacherous bought and paid for politicians and journalists; not whilst there is another country to destroy, another dollar to be made or another child to be raped.

Something’s got to give — because humanity is on a rapid, one-way ticket to extinction.

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