Read This if You Think Age Matters
Todd Brison

Fail to see the point in this. Sounds very much like a ‘how to be a good corporate citizen’ guide. Time to move on, we don’t need any more of these good, FakeBook, corporate citizens — obsessing about what clothes they’re wearing and what make and model of ‘tech’ watch and ‘idiotphone’ (oh, sorry, ‘smartphone’) they own. Let’s rejoice in being square pegs in round holes, in wearing inappropriate clothes, in saying fuck you to the corporate psychopaths and lying politicians who consider us to be nothing more that cattle, in throwing grit into the cogs of they system, in saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, in resolutely refusing to believe what we are told is ‘the truth’. Most of all let’s rejoice in not being what FakeBook tells us is ‘normal’ because — you know what? — normal people never did fuck all about fuck all. Normal people never achieved or made or changed anything whilst the ‘not normal’ people were philosophers, poets, discoverers, inventors, explorers, writers and visionaries. Normal is dull, dull, dull. It’s also an entirely abstract concept that doesn’t exist outside of old, grey, dry and dead textbooks.