The ‘America First’ idea goes back 70 years—and Donald Trump used to oppose it
Allen McDuffee

I am so bored reading articles about how evil Donald Trump is. Yes, Donald is an idiot, he should not be in a charge of a piss-up in a brewery let alone a country but is he any worse than Obama in what he delivers? In truth, no. Obama (who’d been groomed to be president by J.P Morgan) presided over the biggest bail out to Wall Street banks EVER. Obama stood by, watched and did nothing as working class wages and living standards dropped like a stone. Obama said he he’d close Guantanamo. And didn’t. Obama, a man of ‘hope’ and ‘peace’, actually loved war…working with his creepy, criminal side-kick, Killary Hinton, he carried on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and got involved in new ones — Obama the ‘not rascist’ authorised dropping bombs on people with brown skins (‘cos people with brown skin don’t count, right?), killing thousands in Libya and Syria and selling shit loads of weapons to the evil wahhabi head-choppers and gay-killers Arabia(not to mention stoning women who’ve been raped to death because they’ve committed adultery — yeh, I know, go figure…)of Saudi Arabia so they could kill lots more brown skinned people in Yemen. Oh, and Obama and Killary spent $5 billion dollars on fomenting and financing a coup in Ukraine, replacing a democratically elected government with a cabal of anti-semitic Nazis.

Truth is Obama (the candidate not of ‘yes, we can’ but ‘no, we can’t) was equally as evil in his effect on the wider world as Donald, he was just better at dignifying his evil with a threadbare cloak of liberalism. Donald is not the problem, Obama is not the problem…they’re symptoms of the problem: we need to wake up and realise that The System is the real problem- the US has ‘pay to play’ politics and is utterly dominated by big money and serves only the interest of big money…unfortunately that money comes from very rich and very evil people who seek to rape the world to fulfill their greed and perverse desires. The most important thing is not to change the politicians. The most important thing is to change the system.