We have had the same cycles throughout history and broken the power of the super rich.
Examining the Hidden Causes of Income Inequality

Jan…yes, indeed, Obama inherited the bail out — my point is he presided over, rather than initiated it, but at no point did he say ‘this is bad’ or ‘this is wrong’ or ‘these corrupt bankers deserve prison not bail-outs’. To ignore such obvious evil and do nothing when you have the power of a US president, in my mind at least, renders Obama as culpable as Bush.

Re your point about the 1% using their knowledge of the financial system to further enrich themselves — entirely true but, once again, we need to think wider if we are going to have any hope of changing things. The 1% you speak of (I think it’s probably more like 0.001%) control not only the financial system but also our media and our politicians- we need to move on from the false and misleading ‘left or right’ puppet show, stop having faith in a morally bankrupt and thoroughly untrustworthy media and, almost, begin again: hopefully with a kinder, gentler, more thoughtful, more local and less bling obsessed society (or maybe I’m just being incredibly naive here!!).