We’re Shittiest To The Ones We Love
Kris Gage

What if love was an ‘if’…

If you fall down, I’ll pick you up.

If you’re scared, I’ll shoo the monsters away.

If you’re anxious, I’ll whisper calm words in your ear.

If you can’t see, I’ll see for you.

If you can’t hear, I’ll listen for you.

If you can’t speak, I’ll be your voice.

If you feel small, I’ll big you up.

If you feel worthless, I’ll tell you how much value you really have.

If you don’t know what a word means, I’ll look it up in the dictionary for you.

If you’re sad, I’ll dance and do silly stuff to cheer you up.

If you’re lost, then I will search for you and I will find you.

If you cry, I’ll catch the tears before they fall.

If you feel weak, then I will be your strength.

If you have to fight, then I’ve got your back.

If you have difficult things to do, I will do them for you.

If everything is black, I will be the light that banishes the darkness.

If everyone is against you, I’ll tell them to fuck off.

If you say ‘does my bum look big in this?’ I’ll say ‘of course not, don’t be silly’.

If you say harsh words to me, I’ll bite my tongue and remember that all of us have bad days.

If you let me down, I’ll remember no-one is perfect and tell myself that I’ve probably done the same to you at some time.

If we argue, I’ll make sure that we don’t go to sleep on the argument.

If you need a hug, step right this way.

If you feel alone, don’t, because I will always be there for you.

When you get old, I’ll get old with you and we can count each other’s wrinkles and compare scars we gained in the battle that is life.

And when you die, I’ll follow you — for what is the point of me without you.