What’s Wrong with Melania?

Melania Trump wore a blouse called Gucci Pussy-bow at the debate. Let’s think about that for a minute. After her husband, Donald, was accused of bragging about sexually assaulting women, by saying he just “grab them by the pussy” when he feels like it, Melania Trump decided that among the thousands of blouses she probably owns, one with the name pussy in it was the most appropriate.

According to People, The pussy-bow style was favored by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and was popular in the mid-’80s.

There are so many easy jokes here, but I won’t go there. What I want to ramble about is, did she do it on purpose or not?

I think Melania Trump is a very interesting character. Most people believes she is a gold digging bimbo, I don’t. I think she is a clever woman with a lot more tricks under her sleeve than you think.

A fact you may not know, she speaks five languages; her native Slovenian, Serbian, English, French, and German. If you are reading this and you only speak one language, then give the woman credit because as someone who speaks two I can tell you, I can barely manage.

We all know she was not a struggling immigrant when she moved to the U.S. in 1996; She worked as a model and, most likely, had a very nice life. She met Donald Trump in 1998 and married him in 2005. Which means she has lived the life of the rich and famous for a while.

We don’t know if she married him because of his money, and honestly, I don’t think it matters. Melania Trump figured out how to get the life she wanted and –moral code aside — that takes skill.

So is she clever enough to troll the entire country wearing a pink pussy blouse? I think she is. She was a model, she was part of the fashion world for 30 years. She was already a model when Mrs. Thatcher made the style popular.

Melania Trump is not as dumb as we like to believe. She stands quietly next to her husband and she is usually eclipsed by Donald Trump’s bulldozer personality, but she is a woman who has used the tools life gave her to get where she wanted to be. She has ambition, and I’m sure the White House looks like a great prize to score.

The media is treating this news like a funny gaffe; I find it offensive. Her fashion choice was a challenge to those criticizing her husband for promoting sexual assault. Her pink blouse screams “I know who he is, I know what he does and I don’t care.” I have a problem with that.

I will not go into analyzing Donald Trump’s words, many have done it already, and I have nothing new to add. I will not criticize a woman for standing beside her husband while he is dealing with a crumbling campaign. I will say, though, that Melania went too far by mocking the accusations. Wearing that blouse showed us all that Trump’s apology was as fake as we all thought it was. It showed us that behind closed doors the Trumps are not sorry, they are pissed. They are pissed our outrage is getting in the way of their ambition.

You may think I’m reading too much into a miss-advised fashion choice and maybe I am. I just have a hard time believing that the pussy blouse fell into Melania’s hand by chance. I have a hard time believing that the universe has such a twisted sense of humor.