$10 Million Adelson-Backed Ad Buy Hits Rhode Island Airwaves for Fung, Flanders

Rhode Island Republicans benefit from extreme right-wing scare tactics

WARWICK, RI — A national Republican super PAC backed by billionaire and GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson in 2016 began airing a fear-mongering attack ad in Rhode Island this week. The ad uses hyper-partisan scare tactics to boost Rhode Island Republicans Allan Fung and Bob Flanders.

“Electing Democrats in Rhode Island who will stand up to the extreme vitriol, lies and outright hate coming out of the Trump administration and his mega-rich dark money backers has never been more urgent,” said Rep. Joe McNamara, Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party. “The silence from Rhode Island Trump supporters Allan Fung, Bob Flanders and Brandon Bell as their national backers intimidate and lie to Ocean State voters is deafening.”

Screenshot from ‘Any Democrat’

The group behind the ad, Future45, was formed to target Hillary Clinton in 2016 and spent $25 million in that election cycle on behalf of Republicans, ultimately boosting Donald Trump in the final months. Adelson and his wife donated $20 million to the super PAC in ’16. ‘Any Democrat’ is the group’s first ad since 2016.


Emily Samsel

esamsel@ridemocrats.org; 828–713–9647