5 time zaboomafoo fashion choices blow u mind

look we all know that zaboo is ded. we know that. u dont have to remind me abt it.

but listen — wen he living he had bold style an confidence like 10 lemurs. don believ me jus watch! lets dig into the dirty.

  1. this one time wen zaboo wore these new balance sneaker

mos lemur r not known for theiir fire “kicks game “— well lisen up bub, zaboo is not like mos lemurs. take a peek atthis an try not to burn u self

litl know fact- zabo0 wear a size 6

u evr wonder why u dad wear new balance? zaboo. u ever wondr why mitt romney wear new balance? zaboo. the year was 1999 an we all start to realize — wow. maybe this lemur has some pizzazz !

2. zaboo trade in his kix for somethin mor sophistiacate. this fox skin hat

i swear to god if peta dont get off my ass about this i will freak out.

look. it was the 90s. it was a differ time. we all know this. we cannot justify zaboo for his action but we can atleast rememer him the way he want — a style icon.

afer this pic was taken 3 million fox aroun the world were kill for their skin

3. Zaboo watch flavor of luv on VH1 an god damn it look wat happen

yes it is karat gold

these r the times we do our bes to forget but it deserv mentioning as a historical refrence. thanks alot flavor flav for this tragidy.

4. “Cowabunga cool !”is all anyon can say after peeping zaboomafoo in his new oakleys!

this was arguable one of the sexiest llooks for zaboo an definite 1 of the mos memorabl. zaboo had jus guest star on a lil movie with an actor in a little movie call “ocean11. maybe u have heard of it.

u r looking rigt into my heart ❤

but anyway this look was an instant classic. he was the bespecaled lemur w the mos respec in the world. bespec-respec, do u understand.

5. ascot

i kno wut u rthinking. ‘these ar already so many #kush styles — how ccan zaboo have killed the game even more??

first of all, thas rude. zaboo is ded so pls do not use ‘kill” in ur question. but that beng said i kno exactl how u feel.

but holy moses wud you look at this

no further question ur honor.

xo xo rip zaboomafoo

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