Driving for Uber/Lyft

Every driver has always started out with the hopes of one day they could quit their day job and get rich driver from driving for Uber or Lyft. Lets be real for a moment, no one gets rich from just driving except maybe the company you are driving for. The drivers might be “making it” or “well off”, but we haven’t found anyone making 6 figures just yet. And while some have been very successful in this journey of driving, others have failed or given up.

It’s not rare to be on social media or news sites reading stories about how much other drivers are making, Uber statistics say some drivers are making a lot more than others. And we believe this is due to the lack of training that is provided.

When you first sign up for Uber or Lyft using a promo code or a referral code that is basically all you get. Most drivers that give you their referral code could care less if you actually succeed as long as they make their referral bonus off you. When in fact it should be a mentor-ship, after all they are dragging you into an unknown world with very few training resources.

There are some websites and Facebook groups made by drivers that are great resources to find out how to become a top earner, however be cautious on the advice you take from drivers. Not all drivers have the same outlook you might have on what is a top earner, and some might not even drive anymore and just publish Youtube videos with hopes that someone will use their referral code.

Now how do we think you can become a top earner? Here is our top 5 suggestions to maximize your income.

  1. Do your research — Make sure you research your town/city/state and know what is going on with it. What events are coming this week, when are flights coming into the airport (are flights delayed?), ect. The more you know the better off you will be.
  2. Keep moving — Make sure you know the construction zones, closed roads ect. This will decrease the time you sit in traffic which means you can get more rides. Keep your downtime to a minimal and try to use the restroom before you start driving, don’t over drink, this just makes you have to use the restroom more which means you are stopping and going offline more. Make sure you are full on fuel before you start your driving.
  3. Be friendly to your passengers — I know this is a common sense rule, but if you only see this as a job, you might forget to be friendly. Welcome passengers into your vehicle, thank them when they leave. Try to have decent conversations with them as you drive. Small things like this can increase your tips, thus increasing your bottom line!
  4. Don’t drive far away for fare pickups (unless you are trying to hit your bonus), if you are driving 20 minutes away to pickup someone and take them 2 miles, you just lost out on 18 minutes of drive time for nothing, unless they just tip you huge.
  5. Use other apps to help maximize your income — whether you just drive for Uber or Lyft, or you drive for both of them there are apps out there that can help you. Maxymo Ultra (Yes created by us, why wouldn’t we promote this?) not only has automatic acceptance to help you drive safe, but also has built in filters that allow you to set up your day to maximize your driving efforts.

We hope this article has helped you in some way, new to driving? Use our referral codes and you will also get premium mentor-ship to help with any questions you may need. Just send our team a quick email letting them know you signed up @ RI_Blog@outlook.com and they will not only be there to answer questions but will send you a quick start guide.

Earn up to $100-$500 driver bonus driving for Uber.

Earn up to $350 driver bonus driving for Lyft.

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