Techstars Startup Digest — Blockchain — Issue #14

Welcome to Techstars Startup Digest — Blockchain. This issue is about startups and ecosystems forming around blockchain.

We will start with a big list of ventures that are worth exploring beyond Bitcoin and Ether. While these 10 new blockchain companies are worth watching, only time will tell which ones are true blue trailblazers.

Cloud computing startup Oasis Labs has successfully raised $45 million in a private token pre-sale to develop a blockchain platform aimed to rival Amazon Web Services. The sale, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s new A16z crypto fund, saw Accel, Binance, Pantera, Polychain, Metastable, Foundation Capital, Electric Capital, DCVC and Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam all contribute. It is the 1st investment of the $300 million A16z crypto fund. Investment banking firm Benson Oak revealed it would pump “around $100 mln” into Israel-based startups with an “emphasis” on blockchain.

Now, thanks to a new crypto accelerator called #Chain (hashtagchain is a spin-off of his blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory firm CoinUsage), blockchain startups have an easier time raising awareness about their applications, marketing their solutions to businesses, and building the right product fit for their intended market.

Some of the countries by the virtue of their ban or regulation forced many cryptocurrency players to depart and then there were few countries who welcomed those with open arms. We have 5 of them in this issue.

For its regulatory “sandbox,” the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has given access to 11 blockchain related companies — almost 40 percent of the 29 accepted.

Then we have Dubai, the jewel in the desert, which has been consistently building a blockchain philosophy, operational adoption and support for blockchain to become a key technology enabler.

In the nascent world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, gender and ethnic diversity are hard to come by. Men dominate “About us” pages of crypto projects across the globe. And we are talking here of inclusion!

There’s more. We will be back with more blockchain excitement. Meanwhile, share some love.

Rajesh Johnny

Top 10 New Blockchain Companies To Watch For In
When you hear industry recommendations on the latest crypto to pay attention to, almost all of them have Bitcoin and Ether on them. But, this is nothing new. Everyone knows (or should know) about these by now. With so many ventures out there, which ones are worth paying attention to? Here’s my list.

A16z Leads $45 Million Raise for Blockchain Startup Oasis Labs —
Cloud computing startup Oasis Labs has successfully raised $45 million in a private token pre-sale to develop a blockchain platform aimed to rival Amazon Web Services.

Czech Firm Reveals $100 Mln Venture Fund for Israeli Startups With ‘Emphasis’ on
Blockchain startups in Israel are the main focus of a new venture fund from Benson Oak, local media reports.

This new crypto accelerator aims to help blockchain companies break into the mainstream

#Chain will cover various markets across the globe, including Singapore, the US, Greater China, and Korea.

Highlights — Blockchain Venture Capital
Only top 10 selected Blockchain startups are invited to make a pitch to a set of jury/keynotes at the Bootcamp.

UK Watchdog Welcomes First Crypto Startups to Regulatory Sandbox —
For the first time, the U.K.’s financial regulator is directly recognizing the potential of blockchain-related startups.

5 Countries that are perfect for Blockchain and Crypto Startups —
There are few countries who welcomed those cryptocurrency exchanges with open arms and hence became a favorable place in the Crypto industry.

These Startups Are Defying The Status Quo In Crypto And Building Diverse
A growing body of research suggests blockchain companies should pay closer attention to diversity. To find the most diverse startups in the industry, Forbes scoured companies’ employee lists on LinkedIn, contacted a dozen companies and spoke with several investors.

Boosting Dubai’s blockchain dreams | The Block
The Dubai Blockchain Strategy, which was formally launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, was a joint collaboration between the Smart Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation.



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