When it’s time to buckle down you need to rise up

I have found myself at the beginning of what could possibly be my busiest month ever in terms of client work. Along with my normal workload of client projects I am starting the biggest project I have ever worked on. The extra kicker with this big project is that it needs to be completed in only a months time. On top of this I decided I was going to build the project management app that I have always wanted.

I’m at the bottom of this mega mountain of work, but I know I can climb it and plant my flag at the top by the end of the month.

Let’s rock and roll

When we find ourselves with a daunting workload in front of us, we really can only have two responses to it. We can either take it head on and get through it, or we can let it paralyze us and allow it to make us not reach the top. I have dealt with both feelings before and the latter one is not a fun place to be.

If you find yourself trying to tackle an insurmountable amount of work, let me give you a push in the right direction. This is what we all want as freelancers, it’s what we have possibly been waiting for since we started out on our own. I’m implementing one of my catchphrases and am going to face everything and rise.

I’m excited for the challenge. It’s time to buckle down, put together some really great work, and come out the other end proud of what I have done.

Originally published at RJ McCollam.

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I am a freelance web developer that loves learning and launching. I host a podcast and write content on rjmccollam.com.

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