Promo video primer: 30 first-class examples

A year ago, a story from Chris Trimble appeared in the Guardian proclaiming video as the future of content marketing, with this dire warning: “small businesses who ignore it do so at their peril.” As video usage continues to climb, we will see a lot more people and businesses trying to engage, entertain and educate us with their on-screen storytelling. Bearing this in mind, I wanted to share some videos I’ve collected over the past five years in the course of working beside some above-average storytellers.

For your reference and enlightenment, I have chosen 10 examples apiece for three well-established niches of corporate communications. While most of these videos were designed for business audiences, their creators invested some artistry to try to make them appeal to all of us.

The first category is the promo video itself, where companies showcase their “story” and/or best work using music, creative editing and a unique style in the packaging and presentation. You can learn more about this niche in this article from Jess Ostroff for Convince & Convert: Eight New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends.

Next are 10 case study videos. In my work handling public relations for companies in the entertainment and creative industries, it has been fascinating to see how this type of storytelling has grown. Thankfully, Rae Ann Fera has written a great feature for Fast Company providing some valuable guidance: Best Case Scenario: How to Nail the All-Important Case Study Video.

Finally, below you will also find links to 10 behind the scenes videos. Personally, I was immersed in this type of presentation as a viewer in the early days of HBO, when they would air as filler between the movies. I’m sure everyone’s familiar with this genre, but to ensure your versions rock the house, Riley Hooper of the Vimeo Video School has written this guide: How to make a Behind the Scenes (BTS) video

Something else I’ve witnessed in my experience working with video online — eventually, even the best ones tend to disappear. To learn the most from the projects below, check them out soon. If you notice broken links, please let me know and I will try to keep this up-to-date. Please feel free to post your own favorite promo videos in the comments.

10 Promo Videos
. ATTIK’s 2013 Agency Video
. BASIC — What we do
. Birchbox 2nd Anniversary
. Flavor Reel
. Leviathan 2014 Showreel
. Lost at E Minor Party 2013
. Rethink
. Thornberg & Forester Brand Film
. The Uprising Creative Company Reel
. Wondersmith Montage Reel

10 Case Study Videos
. BC Moments Machine
. BMW Dome Experience
. The Caseys
. Jabil | The Connected City
. The Lamborghini Project
. Leviathan’s Ghost Box
. Nixon Case Study
. PUMA | Social Case Study
. The Tiffany T Train
. Vancouver Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony 2010

10 Behind the Scenes Videos
. Behind the scenes of Fort Minor’s 360-degree music video (exclusive Mashable embed)
. Behind the Magic: The Making of the Quantum of the Seas Movie
. Behind the Scenes of Arrow Electronics’s “Five Year Olds on Five Years Out” campaign
. Behind the Scenes of Sony’s 4K Commercial Shoot
. Invitation to the Set of “Hung” from Sarofsky
. The Spirit of Bacardi from Novemba
. Behind the Scenes: Lexus 2010 “Pitch” Commercial
. Making Of Blazing Dragonfly
. Making of “Witches of East End” Cinema Spot
. The Unfinished Swan — Crafting the Soundtrack

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