Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Beginner Container Gardening Tips

Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is the Chief Operating Officer, or COO, of EnerStar Rentals & Services, Ltd. He also works as an independent consultant and, though his work keeps him busy, he enjoys hobbies like gardening in his down time.

Whether you’re Richard Kowalchuk of Medicine Hat or Jane Doe of New York City, gardening offers a relaxing pastime that can enliven your home and even produce fresh food, if you opt to grow vegetables. It can be done anywhere, too, if you start with container gardening.

Tips like those below will help you succeed, even if you’re a complete beginner in container gardening:

• Drainage is Key. Drainage, like many elements of container gardening, is a matter of life and death (for plants, at least). Without adequate holes on the bottom of your containers for water to escape, the soil can become soggy and rot the roots, even in plants that crave moisture.

Instead of filling the bottom of your containers with rocks for a bit of drainage, drill holes in the bottom of your containers and place them in trays. This allows you to water them without fear of soaking them, and for plants that need constant moisture, you can fill the trays with water to allow the plant to take what it needs without drowning.

• Light is Integral. Plants have different lighting needs and the beauty of container gardening is that you can move them to the spots that they crave easily. Check a plant’s lighting requirements and place it in an area that receives the correct hours of sunlight daily.

Gardeners like Medicine Hat’s Richard Kowalchuk don’t learn from a few articles online, though. They learn from hands-on experience and a motivation to enhance their skills through books, courses and videos.

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