Trust The Shooter.

What a year it’s been.

Looking back over the past year, it’s incredible to think how much has happened. Not just personally but in society, politics, culture and entertainment.

From bombings in the East and West to NASA taking the largest picture ever recorded; from shootings to natural disasters; from the Tories taking the helm to Trump running for President; from SpaceX to water on Mars; from the Syrian refugee crisis to #BlackLivesMatter. Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch in history; Adele broke pretty much every record going; Cristiano became Real’s greatest ever goalscorer… and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.

It’s safe to say — to quote Brooks — “the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry”. I can’t keep up with the majority of things that go on in my life and found it difficult to remember everything I did this year. Thankfully, Instagram helped fix that. Social Media is reigning supreme and I’m yet to get my head around growing up in a life that’s entirely digital.

We — our generation — were the lucky ones. We got to experience life before digital unlike today’s kids, but also witnessed the tech boom first-hand, unlike past generations. I discovered just how much I loved writing with a pen and pad, and with that same thought trail mourned for the day it becomes totally obsolete. In a nutshell, I became old this year.

One of the biggest lessons I took from 2015 was that accidents can be wonderful things. Let’s take it back to good old May. I bought a shiny 24–70mm Sigma lens with the intention of building my gear for video work. What I didn’t anticipate, however, were video projects that would ultimately make me fall out of love with videography entirely. I knew I wouldn’t find any happiness continuing it professionally, but I had just invested quite a bit and didn’t want it going to waste. I started dabbling in photography, predominantly working with brands and individuals with focus on composition and art direction. It was a breath of fresh air. Better yet, it became an art that tied in — and enhanced — my works as a musician and creative. It allowed me to venture into fashion and through this I’ve met some of the most incredible personalities. If there was ever any proof that you can find positivity in the negative, this was it. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Trust the Shooter.” For Christmas, the sentiment of a gift I received really summed everything up beautifully. As have most of you no doubt, I went through highs and lows in 2015. What allowed me to pick myself up was the sheer belief I had in myself. I know I could do anything if I tried hard enough, and though timescales may elude me, the end goal doesn’t. Who’s behind the camera? Who’s behind the mic? Who’s behind everything I think, do, tweet, create? Me. 2015 was the year I learnt to Trust the Shooter.

From January, expect a lot of new music, editorials and incredible moments. Who knows, maybe we’ll revert back to the old school. Maybe we’ll break even more technological barriers than ever before. I might hang out with llamas. Or take a selfie with Cara Delevigne!

I don’t really know what else 2016 will throw our way, and I quite like that.

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