Why Change The World?

…well, why not?

Life is a complex thing. You’re never quite sure what tomorrow will throw at you, and nothing is ever promised. We go through losses, breakdowns, hardships and in the same breath we celebrate life, success and relationships.

One thing I’ve never been able to get my head around is ‘living for the sake of living’. The idea of routine is one thing, but the idea of a routine for your entire existence: from the moment you wake up until the day you die? Man. What’s there to be content about in letting life go by? I get scared that I’ll look back on life and wish I could’ve achieved more. And that drives me to make sure every day is better than my last.

However, the weight of self-inflicted expectation can become overwhelming at times. I spent a lot of time trying to find life balance — knowing when to rest and when to work harder. I spent time trying to find happiness and realised I could only get it when I stopped looking.

I want the perfect life but if I don’t know what perfection is, I’ll forever fight a losing battle.

My aim in life is to leave a positive impact on the world. In order to do this effectively, I needed to go from macro to micro thinking. There are certain elements and little things that can really make the biggest difference. Balance; Positive Thinking and the power of Paying It Forward.


Finding a happy medium in life is what we as human beings strive to have: the perfect harmony of all elements allowing for smooth runnings and ultimately, a peaceful existence. A lot of people assume balance is literally that: balancing every part of your life equally with everything else — it’s not. In fact, that’d probably make shit a lot worse.

Let me start by asking you this — what are you looking for?

“Our true self is the part of us that is always in balance, no matter what is going on around us. Finding personal balance is about doing the inner work to choose peace, no matter what the situation. Whenever we are ready, the great news is that our true selves are there waiting to be rediscovered.
Personal balance can be about work-life balance, about work-fun balance, or simply about being healthy. But at a deeper level, the goal of personal balance is ultimately about finding some peace of mind and joy in life, no matter what the circumstances. Like our true selves, personal balance is always there for us to rediscover. As we search for health in mind, body and spirit, we don’t need anything except the willingness to look inside to find it and to do the things most of us already know how to do.”

– from ‘Finding Personal Balance: A Path to Inner Peace in a Life of Doing More.’

So, what are you looking for?

It’s clear that in this day and age, you have to work a lot harder to make a lot less money. You’re constantly trying to maintain a strong working ethic, whilst having personal time, family time, a social life and creative balance. We find it challenging and virtually impossible to create that level-playing field. But why is it so difficult? An Einstein quote reigns true: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Balance is important because you get to do all the things you wanted to do, see the people you want to see and most importantly, just enjoy living your every day. People also look for balance to find peace, happiness, and sometimes because they just want to be more efficient (see, work balance). So a few tips on achieving balance — these are things that I initially tried, and still do up to today:

  • Prioritise: I know you’re probably thinking that this goes without saying, but there’s a difference between listing priorities and actually acting on it. So, state all of the main tasks and elements in your life, order them in regards to importance. What are your main priorities that demand immediate attention? And what little things are floating around in your head that can be left to do at a later date? Sift through them, and dedicate a block time for each in order of importance.
  • Lists: I find the best way to get through the day is by making a to-do list the night before. In addition to this, set a monthly to-do list for ongoing tasks and deadlines. Make sure to put any significant social date into your diary as SOON as it’s confirmed, too. That way you can plan around events you can’t miss (birthdays, weddings, and so on).
  • Rest: you’re human, not a vampire. Over-working yourself will usually result in lower standards of work anyway, so why waste time having to re-do it all? Sleeping is glorious — your mind and body are in ease, and your relaxed state will allow for greater productivity. If you’re a snoozer, set your alarm really loud, and put it at the opposite end of the room. You’re forced to wake up, and all is well, homie.
  • Downtime: you’re allowed to have fun, and this is the best form of balance, I feel. Allow yourself to do something you love or just do something mindless. If you’re working for hours on end, put some time aside that evening to watch a film that makes you laugh. In my case, whenever I’m working on stuff, I put an hour aside to watch Netflix and it’s glorious.
  • Don’t aim to please everyone: not everyone can demand your attention. Remember, if you keep saying yes to doing things you don’t want to do solely to please others; the more times you’ll subconsciously be saying no to yourself when it comes to doing things you’d like to do. Get it? If not, well.. sorry.
  • Exercising and Meditation: I’ve noticed a few friends getting into meditation, and a few others that have been exercising a lot more. Needless to say, they all seem to be feeling a lot happier and are ridiculously pro-active.
  • Arts: Even if you are lucky enough to be doing something you love for a living — you still need time away from it. Don’t let your art fall into routine. Take breaks, if something doesn’t immediately click then leave it for a few days. Come back at another time and start fresh.

So once more, what are you looking for?

Positive Thinking

Most of you guys know me well enough now to know Im a massive believer in positive thinking. This video — to date — is one of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen and one that pretty much sums up everything I have to say about the power of positive thinking and energy. Believe in something with such conviction, you think it into existence.

Paying It Forward

How much better do you feel when you’ve helped someone? How much do you think they needed your help? It’s slightly scary that we as humanity don’t look after ourselves and love each other as much as we should. It’s impossible to help everyone, for sure, but…who says I can’t try? Just because my contribution towards someone in need isn’t going to change the world, it’ll change that person’s day. And THAT is something. If I can give my seat to someone that’s had a long day — that helps them. If I help someone carry a bag upstairs — that’s helping. If I can offer someone a hot meal. That’s helping. Even something as little as smiling at someone could help them — especially if they’re not having the best of days.

My point is, always live life being conscious of your actions and thinking about how they may impact others around you. If the roles were reversed, wouldn’t you appreciate a helping hand? Think about what you can do to help someone. Think about how you could offer your knowledge and presence for a cause you’re passionate about.

“When we are unable to find tranquility in ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.”

Live every day trying to be the best you. There is no one else like you in the universe, and there never will be. Make the most of that and be the best you can be. Help those around you that need it, help yourself to find your peace. Do good, aspire to inspire others. Together we build foundations.

Together we change the world.