A League of Legends Survey — Poros, a Slight Obsession with Ahri, and Champions.

March 2016 (Before NA LCS Finals): I crafted a survey that was geared towards League of Legends players asking them interesting tid-bits about their league profiles and their experiences with eSports + Riot Games.

I shared the survey with all of my League of Legend’s in-game friends, Facebook friends (that played league), Facebook groups, League of Legend’s Reddit, and attempted to ask my favorite Twitch streamer to share the suvery with his/her viewers.

The purpose for collecting the data was to help me work on a statistics project, it was also to gather user experience feedback that may or may not be useful for Riot Games.

The data is broken down to relevent player data (Rank, favorite champion, etc), then eSports experience, and Riot Merchandise.

Here are my results:

Participants breakdown of their main role
Breakdown of Participant’s Rank
Percentage of Players Watching League of Legends eSports

Of the 63 individuals that attended a live eSports event, they gave an average rating of 4.23 out of 5

Here are the reasons why people gave the rating as they did:

Food was expensive

I went to Tallahassee for MSI 2015 with some friends and my boyfriend. It was my first time watching League live and it was great spending the weekend with friends that I’ve only met online. The teams were great, the games were exciting, and the YouTube stars I met were so friendly.

Great event with international teams. The energy was amazing!

It was at Tallahassee (Negative)

Get Promoted (Not sure what this meant)

Well paced, had fun, good view

I felt it was too crowded.

There were a few things to do before the matches started but it would’ve been nice if there were more activities or giveaways to go to. I would’ve wanted more to come home with outside of the average merchandise you can get online like event specific/limited edition things.

Great event, so hype

Terrible time, team-fight nonexistent.

Being surrounded by like minded people who share a similar passion was something amazing.

PAX East 2013, very large crowd

Difficult to watch the games PAX East 2013

PAX East 2013 — Riot had a bunch of top universities playing against each other. It was pretty cool because UConn was there to represent, and although they lost the game I watched, it was amazing to see my friends playing on screen.

LCS Finals in New York City was amazing, had drinks with casters at a nearby bar.

Madison Square Garden for the NA finals, absolutely amazing energy, really made the event.

I watched the NA LCS finals last year at Madison Square Garden. I rated my experience as awesome because of the overall atmosphere. With the large amount of people spectating the games live, every time there was a massive play or a favorite team won, the stadium would blow up with screams and cheers. This was the basis of a incredible sensation of tension, hype, and suspense. To be honest, thinking back, it was a pretty surreal experience as so many people with the same interest in League of Legends were gathered in one place, being able to support their favorite teams and really represent a great gaming community.

It was alright, but not much different than watching lcs on twitch

Overall Great Experience

Great atmosphere, fun time

My team won + league shop

The sheer smell of the fans was terrible. Otherwise a fun event in MSG for finals last year.

First one I’ve been to, exciting atmosphere

It was the All Stars event in Tallahassee, FL. It was my first time going to a LoL event, and the funnest part was seeing all these other nerds that shared the same interest as me. I got to meet TSM and Fnatic, and watch all the players/casters I see online in person.. it was great.

Felt really involved in the game despite not actually playing

Great event, high energy, got cool stuff

A lot of negative players


Meh. Naturally ended up here

It was fun hanging around those with similar interests.

So many people cheering at the same things. Lots of energy in the atmosphere.

It was really fun, free food and a skin.

I’ve only been placed once in Silver 2. I know I was carried to get my placement games and I gradually dropped to bronze and stopped playing ranked after to many haters.

I went to both the studio in Cali to watch the spring split last year and also went to semi finals in MSG. It was a great experience. The casters were amazing. It was so cool to be there in person and be part of the action

Was able to watch a live game in Madison Square Garden — the crowd and my friends were so hype

First time on East coast in Madison Square Garden

Misclick, can’t undo my rating, only change it- leaving it a 3, but I’ve never attended one… hope this doesn’t screw your statistics too much

It was a hard climb out of silver since I never really played hard carry champs and focused on squishy mages. Would frequently dominate lane and help another, but end up losing regardless.

They lost so yeah.

Free stuff!

Loved the interaction with the casters and players in between matches. Riot does an AMAZING job immersing each viewer into the Esports scene and builds a great community among the LCS viewers


It was pretty much what i expected. NA LCS Spring Semifinals at MSG — not as awesome i guess since it wasn’t the finals.

Went to MSG with a bunch of friends to see the NALCS Semis and Finals

Crowd atmosphere made it 10x better

Overall people loved the event becasue of the energy from the room and the people/players they get to hang out with and meet. Besides that, free stuff and goodies seem to help hype the audiences between games.

How can Riot improve this?

give more free sh!t

In between matches do more

I heard they gave out free skin cards. It seems they keep the fans under control. There is not much Riot can do to improve engagement.

Obviously when there are thousands of people at an event, that becomes difficult, so simply putting on an interesting show would be the best way to go about it in my eyes.

Was at PAX so it was a booth, not much they could improve on such a circumstance

Their just weren’t enough people for how many attendees there were.

It was the only live League event I’ve gone to, so I don’t have anything to compare it to… so not just okay, and not excellent. I thought they engaged pretty well, complete with commentating and throwing Poro and orange stress balls every now and then, etc.

swag and fan interactions

More design and strategy Q and As

At a live event? Pretty hard to say, maybe throw more stuff into the crowd?

It gets a bit cheesy, but I enjoyed it for the most part

At the start of the event, Riot staff members handed out the inflatable light-up clappers. These helped aid a intense hype environment throughout the event. The addition of selling League of Legends merchandise helped aid an environment of garnering the interest of the attendees.

All they really did was hand our swag in between games to 1 section of the arena

There was no easily accessible meet up before or after the main event.

Maybe they could throw more free swag from those gun things? I wanted a shirt..

Not sure

Not make parts exclusive to particular ticket holders (only front section could meet Sjoks at MSI)

Offering of in game goodies

I would be more engaged with the people in the back rows

MSG had some visibility issues of the main stage that needed to be fixed

Just have more Riot folks there for people to talk to — don’t necessarily need to just be the E-sports folks

Giving out skins

Interviews + free stuff

While there’s a lot of indirect fan interactions with Primetime, I feel like a lot of the different things that Riot puts together for that weekly program can be applied during live events. Especially since Riot has cut out a lot of promotional touring to interact with fans at different expos and conventions around the US and NA.


Fan tournament

Casters more visible

More hype

I don’t know. It’s really hard for big events like those but during regular season games in the studio I think they’re doing great engaging with people while they’re lining up.

Overall, Riot does a great job of giving free stuff to the audience. This sounds like a father giving children toys and honestly I believe there should be a method to this madness. It sounds like in between matches is when Riot must play a critical role to keep the audience engaged.

Riot Store Merchandise

Participants of the Survey who purchased Riot Games Merchandise

What people want to buy at the Riot Store:

Lee Sin Eye Bandages

More Fizz Skins


Cute Skirts

Corki Hat

Goggles for my Characters

League Themed Food

Twisted Fate Playing Cards

Champion Themed Pajamas

I want my life back.

Azir Figure

Ultimate Shen Skin

Collectable Figures

Yasuo’s Sword

Minimalistic Posters


League of Legends/Champion Specific Beanies

Champion’s Weapon




I think Riot Games should pair back up with GSC (Good smile company). The Ahri Nendroid.

Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation


A ward lamp would be pretty awesome!


I would like to see them produce clothes that are more subtle. If I were to wear the Braum Bodybuilder shirt or the glow in the dark Thresh hood. Udyr & Darius hoodies similar to the garen hoodie.

Champion Specific Hoodies

More World Championship Merchandise


Spirit Guard Udyr Statue similar to the Ziggs Statue.

Ahri Statue


Gloves Styled after Vi’s Fists

Kennen Merchandise

Drinking Glasses


Bigger statues

Prop items/champ weapons

More Poster Selection


Bands, Stickers, Shorts

Pencil Pouch

Cooler Custom Skins

Cheaper Hoodies

Giant Poro Plush

Skin Set Posters

Belt Buckles

Pre-Leveled 30 accounts

Really cool concept art, like as posters or Lithographs.

Teemo Statue

Phone charms

Affordable versions of Champion Weapons/Equipment and/or Champion Halloween Costumes

A League lore-book

More teemo skins

Xin Zhao Figure

Announcer voice packs

More statues/figures

LoL Sneakers

Champion overlays or key chains

Vayne skins

I’d buy a soundtrack

I want them to make character keychains

More t-shirt designs.

Bard Chimes

New Skins

LCS player body pillow

Sion Statue

baby poro plushie

More poro stuff. In bulk.

Little figurines

Less expensive figure/memorabilia for my favorite champions

Adult Annie Statue

Life sized Ahri blowup doll

Yea. Maybe a cool sweatshirt.

A big Ekko statue

Poro collectible keychains or just anything collectible that’s poro-themed.

Orianna stuffed ball

A Replica of Thresh’s Lantern that functions as an actual lantern!

laptop bag/soft case

Bard plushies


Gnar Plushie

Epic skins are always great (although expensive….)

Art books

kindred mask

Wukong plush or pillow

More types of Poros

Gaming mouse / keyboard

All in one pack or something like that


Life size Tahm Kench.

Ahri plushie.

Genetically modified animals so they look like Poros.

Viktor figurine

Plastic scale model replicas of various characters’ weapons (namely Aatrox)

People love their Poros, people love Plushes, and Figurines. The most important trend that comes from this data shows that people love the characters that Riot Games produces. Fans want figurines, plushes, and Cosplay items. They want to be like their characters.
Riot Games should make Poro Snax

Hopefully you found some of this data interesting!

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