10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Are you a diesel mechanic looking for a company with the right tools and values you need to succeed in the industry? At R+L Carriers, we have a variety of diesel mechanic jobs and other job openings nationwide. We are always looking to fill those positions with responsible and trustworthy employees that exemplify our values. Our Wilmington, Ohio-based tractor foreman Duane has the 10 reasons why you might be the perfect fit for a truck mechanic job with R+L Carriers.

We Run the Latest in Mechanic Equipment

“We run the latest in mechanic computer technology,” Duane says. “We have the most up to date computer diagnostic programs and the latest in manufacturer supplies too.”

On the Job Experience Lives Here

Duane really appreciates how his co-workers are willing to teach new employees everything they need to be successful.

“This is a place where on the job experience is important,” Duane says. “Your coworkers want to see you succeed.”

24-Hour Operation Allows for Flexibility

Mechanics don’t stop working because our trucks never stop driving. Our mechanic shops are 24-hour operations that offer three shifts. Shifts run from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

“Seniority takes precedence over the day shifts but in the meantime, the other shifts allow employees to spend time with family and provide flexibility for personal time,” Duane says.

Advancement Opportunities Abound Here

Movin’ on up. That’s a growing trend when it comes to diesel mechanic jobs.

“The more you learn from others and the more certifications you have, your opportunities within the mechanics shop grow,” Duane says.

Every Day is Different

If you are the type of person that loves the unique challenges of a new day, then an R+L Carriers mechanics career is the right path for you.

“Sometimes, your day can turn on a dime,” says Duane, describing that a diesel or tractor mechanic can be taken off a job at a moment’s notice to help a truck driver get back on the road. “You might have to fix an air conditioner in a truck immediately or stop everything to fix an urgent engine problem. Every day is different.”

Build Trucks from the Ground Up

Are you the type of diesel mechanic that likes working on every aspect of a truck? The mechanic shops in Wilmington, OH, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA and Dallas, TX are responsible for building and repairing trucks.

“We build (trucks) from the ground up at these locations,” Duane says. “We can do it all.”

Enjoy a Tiered Pay Scale

The more skills you have, the more you will see in your paycheck courtesy of a tiered pay scale.

“The more you know and the more class certifications you have, the more you will benefit from a tiered pay scale,” Duane says.

Pick from a Variety of Mechanic Shop Locations

A perk of applying for a mechanic position with a nationwide trucking company is we have available positions in more than 80 mechanic shops from coast to coast. Pick and choose where you want to live and work.

Enjoy Vacation at Company-Owned Resorts

Just one of the perks that comes with being an R+L Carriers mechanic is access to four company resorts in Pigeon Forge, TN, Wilmington, OH, Big Bear Lake, CA and Daytona Beach, FL. These resorts are available to all mechanics after six months of service. Mechanics are also able to participate in the company’s 401K plan with matching contributions after one year of service with the company.

Enjoy a Family-Owned Company Atmosphere

Duane, an employee of R+L Carriers for 18 years, says if you want to work for one of the largest trucking companies in the world “and not be treated like a number on the wall,” you want to be a member of the R+L Carriers family.

Apply for Diesel Mechanic Jobs Today

R+L Carriers is seeking to fill open diesel mechanics jobs, as well as trailer and tire mechanics positions. Family-owned and operated for more than 50 years, we offer a work environment that is fun and challenging. R+L Carriers is comprised of the best diesel, trailer and tire mechanics in the business and is seeking to fill a variety of mechanics positions at more than 80 locations nationwide.

If you’re looking for a mechanic position in a company that values family and fun, apply today for a position at our R+L Career Center.

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Originally published at hometown.rlcarriers.com on June 22, 2017.