angel|2014|demon [c|g|b|r ~ in memoriam]

i’m no angel, real talk, but,
i’m also no demon.
but you just gon’ take me out
without cause? for no reason?

all i got is some skittles,
what the hell ~ hashtag: i can’t breathe!!
i got no gun, my hands are up,
please don’t shoot me… damn. please?

i’m wasn’t tryin’ to be a statistic,
i’m just tryin’ to live man.
damn, i know i messed up,
but, i don’t get another chance??

wrong place, for wrong reasons,
for damn sho’ the wrong time,
but for this to be my end —
was i that far out of line?!?

you just shut my shit down
for no relevant reason;
turned me into an angel
‘cause you saw me as a demon.

©RLDardenFox|2014 [art/image by Sansone]

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