We Do Not Need Politicians Anymore

I call for a direct vote on all matters relevant to human affairs in our nation. We no longer need politicians and the lobbyists who control them. We can all research, understand, and then vote on all important matters via a direct democratic Internet vote. Then, let the chips fall where they may.

We don’t need the middle man. Not anymore.

Have I simplified things? reduced them too much? No. It’s 2016 and we can make this happen relatively simply. Yes, there will be kinks to work out and yes we need independent bodies to monitor the fairness of this new path, but, after refinement comes education, participation, and eventually the grand feeling of empowerment we all seek in our lives. We can make this happen while still preserving minority rights and limiting the zero sum winners.

Wake up. This is possible now. We don’t have to wait for the masters to allow this; we need to take the power back, digitally, then literally — which means politically. Let’s make the politician a relic, a dinosaur of a bygone era where we were dumb and weak enough to seed our power to suits only looking out for themselves. This isn’t fantasy, not with the power of connection, contribution, and collective education and action that we all now have, just fingertips away.

Someday soon we’ll all sign in to learn about decisions we need to make to protect our populace and enrich both our psychological and ecnomic returns, instead of logging onto (Ugly)Facebook to make Zuckerchup richer and more vain than this monstrous douche already is. It’ll come sooner if we talk about, demand it, and make it. … Who’s with me?