Originally Published at the Independent Voter Network on 2–19–19

There is only one thing that can counter-balance the nefarious forces and entrenched special interests that have compromised our democracy and now threaten the very institutions that have defined our country for almost two and a half centuries. That one thing is the collective voice of We the People.

But where and when can that collective voice be heard?

It’s become painfully obvious, over many decades, that as soon as one national election is over, the campaigns for the next election two years away begin, almost immediately, as general elections seem…

(Originally published by Independent Voter Network on 11–14–18)

Dear newly elected Congresspeople — Yes you, the newbies, the previously little-knowns, the everyday men and women who had finally had enough, and who responded to the call of their communities and fellow-citizens to do something, by running for public office, most of you for the first time,

You did it! You ran and you won! You had to overcome gerrymandering, voter suppression, maybe even voter fraud. You needed multiples of normal turnout, and you succeeded. Huge numbers of voters came out to support you and what you stood for.

Now you’re…

(Originally published on the Independent Voter Network on 7–11–18)

Imagine if all 49 Democratic Members of the US Senate refused to participate in the deliberations of the Supreme Court nominee until after the November election and the Special Prosecutor’s Report.

Donald Trump and his GOP have now set the Democrats up for another political whooping — this time over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The Dems are predictably initiating their “fight” to successfully resist the nomination by attempting to wrangle a couple of GOP votes against Trump’s nominee, while all but conceding defeat at the outset.

As soon as…

The following article first appeared on the Independent Voter Network on 6–27–18:

“Liquid Democracy” has entered the public discourse over the past couple of years, as a possible upgrade or replacement for the system of government that we have come to know. Because it is based on Blockchain, it has gained intellectual traction among some proponents of “structural change” within our society. I don’t doubt the motives of most proponents, but I do have concerns. And at the heart of my concerns is the potential for “liquid democracy” to dilute our essential understanding of what democracy is. …

My Book is Published (and why I think it matters)

Dear Friends and Fellow-citizens,

I’d like to share something important with you.

It’s important to me, because it represents a personal milestone, regarding a decades-long dedication to an idea, and its manifestation. But it’s also important, I believe, to the greater good; because, while deceptively simple, this idea may be key to resuscitating our democracy, and in so doing, greatly improve the odds that we will effectively meet our many collective challenges, here and around the world.

The idea starts with an observation: For the first time in known human…

In the midst of the daily barrage of tweets, threats, distractions, and “alternative facts” coming from camp Trump, it’s easy to miss other important details and events that appear only briefly and are then quickly forgotten, as other, more glaring developments scream for our attention.

But one such detail, worth coming back to, is the one about the possibility of secret White House recordings that may have captured a critical conversation between Donald Trump and former FBI head, James Comey. …

If you’ve been any paying attention to the status of the petition on the official White House petition site, calling for Mr. Trump to release his tax returns immediately, you’ll know at least 4 things:

1. Trump originally said that the reason he was not releasing the returns is because “People don’t care.

2. In the first 24 hours, the number of signatures on this petition blasted past the 100,000 signatures needed in a 30 day window ending on February 19th, in order to receive “an official White House response.”

3. Attention was called to the existing momentum, by a…

Focus Our Massive Numbers On This One Issue And Get Immediate Results

In the wake of the incredibly successful Women’s Marches around the country and around the world, we now have an even greater strategic window of opportunity for citizens to act in one accord and take our momentum to the next level.

Our window of time is just the next three weeks! Please stay with me — this is really, really important, and you probably were not aware of it.

At the same time as record numbers of Americans mobilized for the Women’s Marches across the country, another equally significant civic engagement event was just getting started and is now fully…

1. Microphones must have auto-off. Five seconds after the allotted time for a candidate to answer a question, the volume on his or her mic goes to zero, automatically. For instance, if two minutes are allotted for an answer, the mic will go off at two minutes and 5 seconds. Candidates will have a count-down clock in front of them, as they do now. They’ll see their allotted time running down and will need discipline to make their points within the allotted time. If they can’t do it, they will be cut off.

2. Implement the “Interruption Deduction.” For every…

If you’re wondering what the ever-changing presidential campaign might look like between now and November, you may be tempted to think this will be another historical battle between the lesser of two evils. Maybe so (seems that’s always the case). But if recent developments are any indication, that outcome is anything but assured. Having successfully laid waste to the Republican field of so-called “contenders” and cemented his role as the current standard-bearer of the GOP, either Trump’s legions of supporters is much larger than polls indicate (yikes!), …

Richard Lang

Richard is CEO of Democrasoft, Inc. - provider of advanced online collaboration tools, and the author of Virtual Country: Strategy for 21st Century Democracy

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