I hope you fail

Have you failed at something? Good! It means you are trying.

Are you a failure because you did not achieve the results you desired? No. It simply means today was not your day, just part of the long journey. Failure is just data. It is information needed to achieve your goals. Henry Ford said it very well, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time with more intelligently.”

In fact, one could argue that if you are not failing, then your goals are not high enough. After all, nothing great was ever achieved without some adversity. That’s why during training for the Olympic games in Rio, the USA Women’s Volleyball Team made it a goal to fail everyday in practice.

What did you fail at yesterday? Evaluate what went wrong and create a game plan as to how you are going to conquer that activity today. I encourage you to also not leave the office, gym, or home until you fail at something new today! Let’s set our goals super high! As Vince Lombardi said, “We are going to relentlessly chase perfection knowing we will never achieve it because nothing is perfect. However, in that pursuit we will catch excellence.”

Coach Nelson serves as a high school football coach who is pursuing his doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology. He has worked for division 1 athletic departments, professional sport franchises, a Fortune 100 Company and has won numerous awards for his LEADership abilities.

His mission is to positively influence the world through Love, Effort, Attitude and Discipline (#LEAD). To learn more about the LEAD philosophy follow him on Twitter Levi Nelson or reach out via email at rln10@zips.uakron.edu He’d love to learn about or help you in your journey!