Throw Half Away

On a recent road trip my fiance and I stopped off to get a cup of coffee. As we were standing in line to pay for it, her eyes lit up at the sight of all the delicious looking donuts in the glass case.

She said allowed (perhaps intended just for her or in hopes of validation from me), “I would love to get that big cookie batter donut but I don’t need or want to eat the whole thing. Instead I’m going to get 3 mini donut holes.”

I choose not to eat donuts but if I did I wouldn't waste my time or the calories on these donut holes, they looked pretty pathetic. I suggested to her to get what her heart desired but if she was worried about eating the whole thing to throw half in the garbage can and she did. (We first offered it to the employees and other patrons in the store but they turned us down. Who turns down a free donut at a donut shop?)

Self control or discipline is essential in achieving your goals. My dad once had a beagle who was left alone and got into a 5lb. bag of dog food. As legend has it, the dog ate the entire bag. He didn’t die but was found laying on his back, “sick as a dog”. This is me. I struggle with portion sizes. While the organic granola I enjoy is a relatively healthy dessert, it’s not when you eat 5–6 serving sizes in one sitting! Having a piece of red meat won’t kill today you but eating steaks the size of your dinner plate on a consistent basis is a huge contributor to heart disease.

For me, it’s best if I just don’t buy the granola and instead of going out to eat, just eat at home where I can better control my serving sizes . For some it’s better to split a dinner with someone else when they go out to eat or get a to-go box as at the same time as their meal and save some for the next day. Maybe the next time you get a donut you’ll give or throw half away? Find something that works for you and remember the choices you make today determine the person you see in the mirror tomorrow.

If you want that beach body for spring break you have to make good diet choices today! I’m not saying you

It is often said, “everything in moderation.” The problem isn’t necessarily

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