We Like to Belong

Research has found that an expected 1.5 million Americans will use a “sick day” the day after the Super Bowl. Sports fans also seem to be “under the weather” during the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. I have a feeling tomorrow morning will produce similar results for Star Wars fans due to the midnight release of “Rogue One” the newest installment in the series.

The reason people flock to the theater dressed up like Darth Vader is because we like to be around people who have similar interest. We like to feel like we are part of a bigger group. In his book Leaders Eat Last author Simon Sinek writes:

“As much as we want to stand out and consider ourselves individuals, at our core, we are herd animals that love are biologically designed to find comfort when we feel like we belong to a group…Someone who feels like a bit of a social misfit because of an unusually high love of Star Wars or superheros finds great camaraderie when attending Comic Con or some other fan convention.”

More than making connections with strangers who share a similar interest in sci-fi movies, let’s seek to increase our sense of belonging at work, in our local communities and most importantly at home. We might have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook but that won’t matter when our time on earth is through. The legacy we leave behind is all about the true friends we had and the way we made people feel. Let’s start treating those near and dear to us better than we ever have before and watch out tribe grow!

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