What you will do WEEKLY to build and nurture the development of Concentration?

This 4 part series is a construction model aimed to build lasting concentration in athletes. Here are 3 main points on what the athlete should do GENERALLY, WEEKLY, and DAILY found in sport psychology that build and nurture the development of concentration. I will also include what the athlete will NEVER do, because it undermines and damages the development of concentration. Here are “I statements” that you can use with your athletes that they should GENERALLY use:

1- “I will practice at least one type of refocusing strategy such as TIC-TOC to eliminate distractions and stay focused. This training uses the words TIC and TOC to trigger a response. Tic= any self statements or thoughts that are harmful or irrelevant to the immediate task. Toc=Switching to the desired focus of the task. This strategy involves first becoming aware to TICS and immediately making them TOCS. When distractions or situations arise during practice or the game I am ready because I have practiced multiple times during the week. Bring it!”

2- “I will practice at least one type of mindfulness, breathing or relaxation training. To perform at my best I must be aware of my emotions and keep them in check. I am a war-daddy for 4–6 seconds and then to be physically and mentally ready for the next play will compose myself with my tribe in the huddle. I apply my energy to what matters and do not get caught up mess (4–6 seconds and huddle applies to my sport of football. This can be changed to your sport or activity).

3- “I will focus on the process not the outcome. Everyday I strive to improve in the way I LEAD (Love, Effort, Attitude and Discipline). The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the main thing.

The above post was inspired using:

Williams, J. M. & Krane, V. (2015). Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance (7th Ed.)

Coach Nelson serves as a high school football coach who is pursuing his doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology. He has worked for division 1 athletic departments, professional sport franchises, a Fortune 100 company and has won numerous awards for his Leadership abilities.

His mission is to positively influence the world through Love, Effort, Attitude and Discipline (#LEAD). To learn more about the LEAD Philosophy follow him on Twitter Levi Nelson or reach out via email at rln10@zips.uakron.edu He’d love to learn about or help you in your journey!

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