You choose your Attitude

“During a recent trip to Disney World, I walked by a play that was in progress. The park Cast Members asked for volunteers from the audience to participate in the play; a mother and her five-year old girl were among those who were brought onto the stage. The little girl didn’t have hair on her head, and she was having the time of her life. Her mother was enjoying herself as much as her small daughter. I learned that they were special guests of Disney and the Make-A-Wish foundation- the little girl had lost her hair because she had cancer and was being treated for chemotherapy. The little girl was dying, so why were she and her mother happy? You may ask. They were so happy because they were in Disney World, that’s why.

They made a choice. They could feel sorry for themselves, or they could enjoy their day at Disney. They chose to enjoy the day. They said, ‘this is my day.’ It was their responsibility. (by the way if you break down the word responsibility, it means ‘respond with ability.’) Each of us has to decide how we are going to respond. I suggest you do as that brave little girl and her loving mother did: They decided that they would seize the moment. They chose to say, ‘this is my day and I will make the most of it.’”

I’m not sure where I came across this story but it reminds me that I choose my attitude. #LEAD (Love, Effort, Attitude, Discipline)