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Pres. Obama (Archives)

Amazing all the people weeping over Mr. Obama’s departure seem to be blind to the amount of lying and misrepresentation that went on in his administration (aided so ably and for-the-good-of-the-proletariat by his many friends in the Main Stream Pravada). I mean, just to name a few:

There are the many lies used to sell his Iran Peace (snicker) Deal to the press…you know, the one that is effectively useless in stopping the Mullahs from getting nukes.

Speaking of Iran, there is the curious matter of the 1 billion dollars in untraceable cash paid to Iran, the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world (funny about that cash, very hard to trace back to source).

And finally, if this had been a Republican Administration forcing through some deeply unpopular program (say…making everyone own a firearm or be taxed for not doing so) and a GOP White House had used the services of an MIT Economist to hide the true costs and constraints of the program, everyone one of these weeping “Oh, Obama, we hardly knew ye” folks who know the lying MIT Economist’s name, and spit it out with disdain. In the case of ObamaCare, MIT Economist Jon Gruber is on tape repeatedly explaining how he obfuscated the details and true long term impact of the glorious ACA because the proles, once more, were too stupid to understand what their betters had in mind for them.

But, once more, the Main Stream Pravadists were on the job, and most people don’t know about Jon Gruber.