An invitation to post

Past mid-day, post lunch and early dinner, post the social shock of Trump doing something (old news, isn’t it?) I got to think about the environment I grew in and the environment I am right now. I grew up with my friends with whom I formed a block community (outsiders were welcomed but they were not part of the original gang) and about the communities in which I am now. From university groups to B.F.F. groups my area of “friends and acquaintances” has changed from a block to an international area. From these changes, a question stands in the back of my mind “Have I changed?”. The obvious answer is yes because I grew up, I learned gained experience developed, etc…

But when it comes to individuality and when it comes to who I identify with and how I identify, has that changed? Do I still know who I am? The reason for questioning and the reason one question turns into many is because from a limited edition of “Hi I am Raul I live in the block”, it has changed to “Hi I am Raul and I work there, I study this, you can find me on Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter as…” . So, as an individual I have changed the ways in which one could reach me but also changed how I represent myself and introduce myself. Being from the block was all that was needed for a certain period. My mother could reach me by screaming my name from the block window. Now she needs to write me a message on Messenger to call her on Skype!

I need to be honest and say my introduction in the world of social media was done by my friends from the block. From then on, I became a single block with windows, doors, air cooling system and all that and had to figure out who I was!? So, when the invitation came to post whatever, I did post whatever. From melodramatic statuses of “life is a wave of silences that rolls you over on all sides until you end up flat on the ground” to songs that were cool. An invitation to post has turned into a necessity to post ever since then!

Nowadays the situation has evolved into a more calculated move, you do not post about your day on Facebook unless it’s something unique like discovering Atlantis and you don’t tweet about your pizza unless you cooked it with a candle! You cannot just post whatever song you want unless you want to send a message that the mood of the song is your actual mood even though besides that song you also listened to another 111 that have different moods (talk about being bipolar).

We are aware that everything we do on the social media platforms leaves a footprint of some kind but to be fair Yeti has been searched by its footprints and still he/she was not found. So, the awareness of what social media did to your life is quite an important aspect but I am pretty sure you have never asked yourself what YOU have done to social media! The invitation was open, not everyone RSVPed but we all left a mess or a cleaned and ironed table. The truth is we are all sitting at the same restaurant! We left the block!