MICRO celebrity

Did it really happened if you have not posted about it?

While you think about that for a second let me take you to your own news feed in which you most probably scrolled just a few moments ago. In your own list of followers, friends, general social environment whether long or short you must have noticed by now a person that addresses to everyone. Well, maybe until now you have never thought what are they trying to represent, until now you might have wondered why your “friend” invited you to like a page about, guess who? Him/Her!

Your friend Charlie The Spearmen has become Charles Levingston III and your friend Francesca has become Frankie. Frankly they most probably felt responsible to levitate from the common grounds from the peasant position and become something that is called “active citizenship”. “a radical, democratic citizen must be an active citizen, somebody who acts as a citizen, who conceives of herself as a participant in a collective undertaking”. (Harcup, 2011) Most probably these people had a talk with themselves and decided that preaching about whatever they are preaching is important and that their voice needs to be listened to, so creating an official page for their discourse was the best way to do so. Fair enough, that is the whole point of YouTube but where does that leave you, the common peasant who just friended this person because at one point or another you met in a club? And yes, you being in the club actually happened because you are still tagged in those photos whilst your “celebrity friend” “social guru” removed all the tags and even asked you to take the photos down.

It has come to the point in which their “activism” on social media conflicts with your “liberalism” view on being yourself and not the tailored version of yourself. The idea of being active, having a voice, speaking your mind comes with its own repercussions (if you want to see it that way) people will look at you, judge you, identify you and even try to find you in real life just because you don’t share their idea. In the public sphere with your own political or less political discourse are you who you say you are and do you really want to say what you want to say considering who you are?