Technology entrepreneurship and the disruption of ambition
Matt Clifford

Great write up Matt, thank you! At the core (ambition) nothing has really changed ("There are 62 McLarens in the world and I WILL own one." — Elon Musk), rather the most "gwitty" (grit+wit) and highly ambitious adopters of the latest technology (entrepreneurship) are first and foremost honest with themselves as to what their personal interests are* and have quickly mastered and understood how the technology works**: “I’d say the real payoff is the sense of satisfcation of having created a company that I SOLD.” — Elon Musk ( The best mentors and accelerators help entrepreneurs find their compelling WHY, their personal interest (McLaren F1) BEFORE they get out of the building.

*"A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights." — Napoleon Bonaparte

*An exit strategy is the greatest value driver for a startup. A strategic exit is the greatest value creator for entrepreneurs.

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