Get the Fuck Outta Here, the Sequel: Further Consideration of Jordan Peele’s GET OUT
Son of Baldwin

Thank you for this dialogue.

I was plagued about the symbolism of the deer as well. Then after thinking about it and reading the transcript of Peele’s interview on how he chose props, I am now thinking that maybe the deer symbolizes White people hunting animals as a sport. They want them as trophies. Just like how they view the Black bodies as trophies in the movie. Something to show off their dominance.

Because Mr. Armitage says to Chris that he believes that there are too many deer so I was like then why have the head of one in your room? But its a very White thing to do. Kill to assert dominance. Kill for the thrill it gives them. In the case of the movie, they get to become the “trophies” and parade them while still asserting dominance. Its just another layer.

So when Rose hit the deer in the beginning, I was kind of surprised that she didn’t show any kind of interest in investigating what she hit. No concern of the life she took. Just like she has no concern of the Black lives she’s taking.

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