School Stress

One problem many college students face is stress. Large amounts of stress, especially school related stress, can make focusing and caring about school work difficult. If I could, I would slack back on my work and not try as hard; however, I need good grades to play volleyball, and I need volleyball to graduate high school. Some people are so busy that they do not have time to sit down and think about anything other than homework; life is school, sports, work, repeat 24/7 for some people.

Stress can be caused by too much homework, which can lead to even more problems. Large amounts of homework can lead to less work getting done, missing assignments, and other downsides. Some may say “why don’t you stay up later and finish it,” and the answer is because sleeping is important too. Also, factors like the amount of money a student is paying for their education and their parents involvement in their life may affect how a student deals with stress.

School is good for many things; however, too much school might be a bad thing for students.