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Balance and Breath

zen and creativity

Zen Swing

The Zen Swing is a chi (life force). A movement side to side swinging the arms upwards to the sky with a slight movement of the hips. Meant to cultivate the soul so that you can share it and create wellbeing and reestablishing rhythm. …

Typical Morning in New England

This is my personal morning story and why I’m writing this article. …

What do these 4 words have in common?

I know my articles are going to get weirder than this as I get more comfortable writing so I hope it’s entertaining. This is my mash up of these four words all rolled up into one joint of creative flow vape juice.

and failing to succeed like Micheal Jordan! ☄️🏀

It’s All Content All the Time ✌️

From time to time I like to produce a piece of content about a book I just finished reading. The idea of reinforced learning is part of the Creativity Scientist method. …

Just Missing The Dads

This is an amazing step for building strong families for both parents. Maybe it’s only possible because Bill & Melinda say so and have the funds to accomplish this.

I like the commitment to making the world better not only for the current state but the future state. The bond…

Got My Grade 10 and No Strategy For Blogging So It’s F*cked

Been watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys lately because I’m not an adult and just play one in real life. Took a couple days off from producing content and was just starring at my computer blankly. …

As you can tell from looking at my Medium Bio I am a self declared Creativity Scientist. It’s that little bit of information that interests people to explore your content further. It might even detour them away. …


(pronounced “eye-ka-guy”) This is a concept I recently discovered from a co-working in a meeting of the minds.

“reason for being.”

It’s a good exercise in life and for business. It could be an entrepreneur’s bible of sorts.

Real Polish Grandmother, Fake Assorted Meats

I have many nephews and nieces so holiday creativity can yield memory making gifts and help with a tight budget. It’s always a scramble to find them awesome gifts under $40 bucks. Most importantly it has to be a balance of affordable and thoughtful. Nobody wants the be the lame…

The Story Behind The OG Nintendo Theory

I’m currently getting up early to play Nintendo and this article is about how I discovered value in this activity.

T he year was 1988 and my older brother had received a brand new Nintendo. I still have that Nintendo and guess what…It still works beautifully after cleaning up the…

Rich Marks the Spot

Founder of Creativity Scientist. Helping individuals find greater happiness through personal branding, story, and creativity.

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