As long as we don’t have a civil war with pro and con Trump supporters fighting each other.
David Moore

I agree with everything you said here … except that Trump is “thorough.” By all accounts he is a shortcut-taker and corner-cutter (as evidenced by his inept handling of the immigration executive order, Melania’s plagiarized speech, the piss-poor quality of Trump products like Trump steaks and vodka, and of course the shittiest Trump product of all, Trump University).

I’ve heard it said that: “yes, Trump is a con man, but he’s going to con other countries for our benefit.” I find this line of thought to be dubious. Today the Trump administration ordered a halt to implementing the fiduciary rule (which protects small-potatoes investors from being fleeced by Wall Street sharks) and are trying to scale back Dodd-Frank. “Drain the swamp,” indeed.

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