Yes, I am not trying to argue last weekend wasn’t the largest protest — I am just using the term…
Michael Corcoran

Thank you for using this space to advertise your reporting … Just kidding! I love your work. I’ve read all of it.

You make some great points. I think one reason the media didn’t cover Occupy with any seriousness was the (mistaken) sense that the demonstrators were, for lack of a better word, “bums.” (I mean, they referred to the sit-ins as encampments, for Christ’s sake. Tent cities spring to mind.)

I’m also not sure I would call Occupy dissent. Which is to say, income inequality is not an officially mandated condition. It’s just the predictable result of naked greed combined with lax campaign finance laws.

The extent to which Occupy “changed the discourse” is debatable; after all, we just elected a goddamn plutocrat as our president.

But at least people are talking about income inequality now; and, were it not for some DNC shenanigans, we may have even had a presidential nominee with that as his core issue. Alas.

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