Note to So Called Social Media Inlfuencers.
David Hamman

Love the rant. I have been using social media since 2006 to build my businesses and since 2011 educating others. Everyone seems to forget the key aspect is being social. Stop asking and start giving, doing. Start building relationships.

In fact, I almost NEVER as anyone to like my profiles and I don’t expect or ask for reciprocity. It’s not about numbers. I want you to follow me for my content, for a relationship, not from a request or out of obligation. A follower who truly has no interest in your content is of no real value. In fact, it could be worse.

Think Facebook. Reach is so low because Facebook is only serving your content to those with an interest in it (there are ways they tell). Pages with true organic reach (solely likes for the content) see much higher reach and engagement rates. Why? The content is relevant to their fans and guess what one of the 3 key factors Facebook uses for determine who sees your content — RELEVANCE!

It’s not just rude, it’s actually bad business!

And even with almost a decade of experience I am not an expert, guru, ninja and I do not consider myself an influencer. I don’t even like being called the 1st 3. The latter is something bestowed by others.

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