I think I am starting to connect the dots on why Louisville had nine players transfer before this year. I talked about this on the Scoop Podcast back when Inside Lacrosse reported that nine players were granted releases to transfer.

Now today on Twitter I saw the article about their head coach being accused for abusive tacts. I’m just connecting dots here, I can be wrong but… I think I could be on to something. Usually you get players complaining about their coaches being too mean or too tough and the player is usually wrong. It doesn’t seem to be like this in this case. You have multiple players with all different complaints. Louisville head coach, Kellie Young, has been accused of a bunch of things. Here they are…

• Made a player with a torn anterior cruciate ligament do 250 push-ups as punishment in an airport terminal.

• Kicked a player off the team during a road trip, leaving her behind at the stadium when the team bus returned to the hotel.

• Told two teammates to sign a contract saying they would no longer speak to each other.

  • Called players a series of vulgar names and used similarly vulgar terms to refer to their parents.

All different complaints and now yesterday the Courier Journal reported that a former Lacrosse player is filing a lawsuit against Young. Here is some information from Danielle Lerner’s, the writer for Courier Journal.

The pending lawsuit by former player Madeline Beck alleges she was hospitalized after lacrosse staff forced her to overwork herself during a conditioning activity and athletics personnel failed to provide satisfactory medical care.
The suit names lacrosse coach Kellie Young, senior sports performance coach Heather Engel, former university athletic trainer Sarah Kasprow and U of L Physicians Inc.
“They almost killed this kid, and as stated in the complaint, they failed to properly attend to her,” said David Mour, Beck’s attorney.
The civil suit has gone mostly unnoticed since it was filed Aug. 29, 2016. It stems from an incident that allegedly occurred in August 2015, when Beck, now 20, was a freshman on scholarship with the U of L lacrosse team.
“The crazy thing is, I’ve been an athlete since I was 5 years old and I had never broken a bone or collapsed or anything,” Beck told the Courier-Journal. “I would have been OK if they had got me medical attention on time.”

Things are not going well for Louisville Athletics. I going to go out and say it, Louisville Lacrosse will soon be hiring.