October Madness Begins

Good Morning everyone! We had a ton of college games this past weekend and I’m sure a bunch of you had a tournament. Let’s recap at all!


This weekend I worked my first My Lacrosse Tournament Event. It was an awesome event with a ton of talented players. They had teams from New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, and Long Island of course. There was even the number one sophomore recruit, Brennan O’Neil, playing. That kid is the real deal. Of course he is though, he is a Saint Anthony’s guy. (Represent!) He was one of the many highlights of the events. Well, maybe the free candy all over the place was the best. I had a blast working there and getting to see a preview of all the players to come. Go check Laxtournaments on Instagram to see some of the photos from their event.


I’m sure you already know that there was a ton of college scrimmages going on. So I’m going to highlight some of the best moments of the weekend. This though is the winner. It was even number TWO on ESPN #SCTOP10

Then we had Penn State’s Grant Ament doing this against Hofstra.

You can’t get anything better than this past weekend. With all the lax games, tournaments, and football just so awesome! Here are some scores from this weekend.

Cornell 12, Michigan 10
Denver 25, Limestone 10
Hartford 9, Lehigh 9
Hofstra 6, Bucknell 5
Johns Hopkins 21, Albany 13
Johns Hopkins 10, Army 9
Loyola 15, UMass 10
Loyola 16, Rutgers 12
North Carolina 11, Ohio State 9
Penn State 10, Hofstra 9
Penn State 10, Lehigh 5
Rutgers 19, UMass 7
Villanova 13, Navy 6


I’m glad their alumni game wasn’t canceled. Talk about a great weekend for it too. Their football team the night before knocks off #2 Clemson in football at home. Then the unveil the new statue on campus of Roy Simmons and Roy Simmons Jr. Lastly, the goat Gary Gait shows up and plays in the alumni game. Glad to see Syracuse Lacrosse finally catch a little break from the unfortunate things going on up there. Here are some tweets and posts.


Are you for the shot clock? If you are do you want 60 seconds or 90 seconds?

After reading some of the recaps from Fall Ball this weekend I am 100 percent in for the shot clock. I’m just not too sure on whether or not I want it to be 60 or 90. I’m leaning towards 90 seconds after the Lax Sports Network interview with Lehigh coach Kevin Cases, check it out.

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