Good Morning to all! Another exciting weekend of lacrosse and this time it included box and fall ball lacrosse.


Last night we had the San Diego team name possibly leak. Around 10PM, we had a tweet come out leaking the name. No logo or colors were leaked, but the name was. If this is legit it will be… The San Diego Seals. I really hope that it has to do with the Navy Seals down in Coronado. Please don’t make it the animal! I mean it would be okay if it was the animal, but think of how badass it would be if they had a mascot that was a Navy Seal. He could come out of no where during the games. My gut feeling is that it is the animal. Oh well, we will have to see tomorrow when the official announcement is made. I don’t know what time exactly, my guess is 12PM ET.


Where the hell is Halifax, Canada? I’ll tell you where, it is an Atlantic Ocean Port located in eastern Canada. Halifax is actually the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. The place is gorgeous and has a HUGE maritime history, but it is mainly known for the Citadel, a star-shaped for built in the 1850s. That is your history lesson for the day lol. They have one of the best junior hockey teams in all of Canada, the Halifax Mooseheads. The Mooseheads play in the Scotiabank Centre, which is located in the heart of downtown, holds a capacity of 11,000 people. NLL has added two American teams and why wouldn’t they add one in Canada? The NLL commissioner is the absolute man! Adding a team here would be amazing the place is beautiful! It has one major team in a perfect location. After researching Halifax, I’m sold in having a team there. Maybe we will have an announcement later this week!

  • * Also heard another rumor about another team! Holy crap! I heard it will be located in….


Man all these new teams and teams moving makes me excited and shows lacrosse is on the move! Anyway, I saw this over the weekend too.

The MLL has filed for a trademark on a new logo and was confirmed by MLL commissioner Dave Grossman on He had this to say…

“The potential option of having the Rattlers in Dallas has been openly discussed for a couple of years now,” Gross stated. “As with keeping all potential options open we filed for a trademark, have obtained a domain name and social media handles. This is not the first time the league has done this as a way to keep our potential options from being encumbered.”

I bet once they announce the new box team in Dallas, they will announce the move of the Rattlers. Kill two birds with one stone. They had a great turn out at the MLL championship this past year and there has been some college games as well. Can’t wait for this and some inside information Jerry Jones grandchild plays lacrosse. He even let the team his grandchild is on use the Dallas Cowboy’s coach bus to go to tournaments in. I can’t wait for all of this to be confirmed! I think we will see lacrosse pass the MLS in no time!


Saturday night we had a new look USA team playing against a dominant Canada team. You think after a 19 to 6 lose USA would be extremely disappointing right? I’m sure they are pissed, but they are taking this as a learning curve. I’ve read all the players reactions so far and they are disappointed, but at the same time they are hungrier now! Rob Pannell played in his first official box game. He showed he can catch on no problem. Paul Rabil returned to box since 2013. He also DID NOT rule out making a return to the Box game. I can see all of this great movement in the NLL helping finally separating the NLL and MLL seasons. It would be awesome to have year round lacrosse and it would help grow the game even faster! Connor Wilson did an awesome job breaking down the game and how the US is going to benefit from it. Check is out here.


String King is at it again! They are here for the people who really care about the sport. They just released a head based off the LEGEND John Grant Jr. and there are three types of the head. I think having two would be easier, but the price and quality of the head can’t be beat. I would not be surprised if you see this head all over the place next spring. It is affordable for a college/high school player at $69.99 (NICE) unstrung. The best part about it the beginner head is that it’s affordable and you get a great stick that is usable. It isn’t that crap factory stick that will frustrate someone to the point they gave up playing. It’s a huge help for the sport and I think it will be an eye-opener for the other companies charging an arm and a leg for equipment.

SIDE NOTE: Warrior should have started the WARP out as a beginner tool and at an affordable price. Just saying it would have had all the backing from the Lax community!

That is it for today! Tomorrow we’ll see what announcements are made! FYI NEW YORK SPORTS ARE DEAD! LET’S GO KNICKS?