I totally hear you, and one reason I am angry is that I am wasting my time in this fashion.
Rebecca Wiegand Coale

The word Media comes from an area in ancient Persia which was called Mede. It was situated between three warring dynasties playing one of against the other, which is precisely Media’s role in the present day. Its parent arm 'Academia' (see the last five letters can be rearranged to reveal the word Media) is where Media takes its direction from. The letters ‘Ca' in the word Academia are also important but this is all a little complex for one comment. The fact of the matter is, media is in the business of manipulating someone’s conscious mind through their subconscious mind, which is made possible by capturing the attention of the target by any means necessary. And so, media will always purport to represent the public, but nothing could be further from the truth for it’s the spy in the middle pretending to be your friend as denoted from its namesake. (Beyond mainstream broadcasted media, everything becomes media, including this comment, but yeah, this is complicated stuff — it’s the word that we’re all got through, myself included… The pen is mightier than the _word, they say, ie. The thought, or the intent more specifically, by its very nature, is more powerful than the attempted transmission of information. In other words, the sanctity of intent is lost in translation precisely because we’re left with no alternative but to try and bind it inside words and characters originally created by our external manipulator) News anchors and journalists, like political entertainers, are the equivelent of prostitutes.

True knowledge of both internal and external manipulators alike comes from studying the self, and words… sitting still and listening, being like water. You are water of course, and a few other elements. And in order to unravel the game of political theatre one must study the individuals involved, their secret societies (which they’re commanded through), and where the money goes. 5,000 hours of study ought to be enough for anyone to accomplish this.

When it comes to figuring out who or what is in control of this mess (aside from ourselves as individuals) an entire lifetime isn’t enough.

Good luck.

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