Top 10 Deadly Disease in India!!

Despite the advance technology and development in medical & healthcare industry. A lot has displaced in India. Many deadly diseases have been eradicated with the invention of powerful vaccinations and treatment areas. However, the country is still claimed by some killer diseases that just don’t seem to indicate emigration.

Here is a list of highest ten killer death diseases in India:

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

This amounts to approximately 24.8% of deaths in the country. Although curable, despite such disease is killing more people each year. Learning the causes and following precautions can help to stop the disease and the possibility of death among Indians. It is surprising that heart diseases in India occur 10–15 years beginning than in the west.

  • Causes of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Use of tobacco
  • Diet, physical inactivity, and obesity
  • High cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Heredity

Prevention Methods
Quit smoking and use of tobacco: The Government already initiated many campaigns with short movies/promo, hoarding boarding at the road and public places. There are certain rules has been initiated by censor board of India so that every movie or serial should reflect using the risk of tobacco, smoking etc., As per the medical professional team being advised to eat a heart-healthy diet regularly. All people always recommended maintaining a healthy weight.

2. Respiratory Diseases

These diseases estimate for 10.2% of deaths in India. According to a review, Only India accounts for 47 percent measles death of the entire world! Which is almost 1/2 ratio of the world male community. What are the Causes?

  • Since this disease related to lungs hence the main causes of Respiratory Diseases are:
  • Smoking
  • Air pollution
  • Silica dust, Asbestos, grain dust

Prevention Methods
Exercise daily but make sure your practice area is more hygiene in terms of cleanliness especially air index. Stay active, make sure your workplace is safe. However, if you have to move some air polluted areas, then you should use an air mask to keep away the contaminated virus which leads to respiratory disease. Moreover, you must Eat a healthy diet, Breathe deeply and Quit smoking.

3. Tuberculosis

The disease values for 10.1% of deaths in the country. Tuberculosis known as TB, that is a potentially severe infectious disease that principally affects your lungs. The bacteria that create tuberculosis are expanded from one person to another through tiny droplets discharged into the air via sneezes and coughs.

Most people affected with the bacteria that cause tuberculosis don’t have indications. When symptoms do happen, they usually comprise a cough (sometimes blood-tinged), night sweats, weight loss, and fever.

Infectious causes

Prevention Methods
Treatment isn’t perpetually required for those without symptoms. Patients with active traits will require a long time course of treatment involving various antibiotics. The consultant always recommends the following steps to such patient:

  • Vaccination of BCG vaccine
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Regular preventative examinations

4. Malignant and Other Tumours

About 9.4% of patients in India die due to malignant including tumors. Here is a record of causes of tumor spreading in the body:

1. Chemical or toxic compound appearances
2. Ionizing radiation
3 Pathogens
4. Genetics
5. Some unknown causes


Leave tobacco usage. Maintain a Healthy diet regularly. Must stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Get regular immunization and medical care.

5. Defined Conditions

It is sad but true that nearby 5.3% population in India die due to the III stage defined conditions due to hidden and undetermined.

Prevention Methods
If possible should go for preventive health check-ups twice a year. 
US & Europe people are more health conscious. And that is why they always purchase preventive care check plans for their family so that if they found anything wrong can go and cure timely. Because seldom several diseases take time to develop or indicate your actionable symptom. In India, We have a wonderful plan which covers your doctor fee and medicine cost also. You should search such a plan by the keyword of OPD Healthcare Plan or OPD preventive cards.

6. Digestive Diseases

Ailments related to digestive system accounts with 5.1% of losses in India. The major cause is the neglect of people while consuming food.


The big reason to have unhealthy food
Do not use Aspirin: The deprivation of blood to areas of the heart is the chief cause of heart attack. The lack of blood to ranges of the brain is one cause of a stroke. Aspirin can prolong the risk of bleeding in the stomach, brain, and small intestine. If aspirin is taken for a long time with high doses. it can slowly damage this layer. Alcohol and tobacco abuse are other supportive cause to develop the risk in a body.

Prevention Methods

  • Quit smoking and void use of alcohol
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise lightly 5 days week
  • Avoid daily use of aspirin, steroids and sulpha drugs.

7. Diarrheal Diseases

About 4.9% of personages in India die due to diarrheal diseases problem. Diarrhoeal disease is the other leading cause of death in kids under five years old. It is both curable and preventable. Every year diarrhea kills around 525 000 children under five. A meaningful proportion of diarrhoeal disease can be stopped through safe drinking water and adequate hygiene and sanitation.

1. Bacterial Infection (Food poisoning )
2. Allergic food, or Eating foods that upset the digestive system.
3. It has been observed a cause of Medications and radiation therapy

Prevention Methods
1. Wash-hands regularly, before eating anything. 
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Quit alcohol

8. Unintentional Injuries

Circumstances cause 4.6% of deaths across the nation. India is rated. as the estimate #1 country; When it happen to deaths in road accidents.


Prevention Methods
# If you drunk, Don’t drink so that you can Drive carefully.
# Always carry a first aid kit with you, no matter personal or public transport

9. Intentional Self Harm

Suicide is the next most cause of death amid Indians aged 15–29 years. It considers for 3.0% of cumulative deaths in India.


Prevention Methods

  • Don’t emphasize yourself
  • Talk to loved ones
  • Rehabilitation and counseling

10. Malaria

This deadly disease causes 2.8% of total disease-related deaths in India. A survey report has revealed that about 95% of the country’s community resides in malaria-endemic areas.

The austerity of malaria varies based on the sorts of Plasmodium.
Symptoms are chills, sweating, and fever. Usually occurring a few weeks after happening bitten. Somebody traveling to areas; where malaria is common typically take protective medications before; during and after their tour. Treatment includes antimalarial medications.

Parasite transmitted by mosquitoes

Prevention Methods

  • Dodge personal or professional traveling to dirty places
  • Avoid mosquito bite: Day or night everyone should be prevented from mosquito bites at home or outside.
  • Use mosquito repellent cream: Lots of useful gel and refill based repellent cream are available in the market which is very much affordable for all people.

Conclusive Summary: All the above-discussed illness/disease are preventable in OPD sessions. Always follow good hygiene with good eating habits. For your doctor visits, you may ask your OPD Card Providers. If you have family plan read policy wordings carefully if your kids are covered for such illness. There is various Universal Care plan in India which give you good healthcare need. Once you are ready to buy Health Plan or Insurance plan. You should check at a search engine such as whether that is worth or note. Product reviews play a vital role to understand how trustworthy is that. Read, reviews, patient feedback, and other hidden plan information. This is your moral responsibility to have hassle-free treatment after becoming a Healthcare member.

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