The Real Labour Scandal that Should Be Exposed: The Scourge of Anti-Democracy
Julie Noted

Anything or anybody that increases the role that non-elites can play in the management of an organisation, a community, a city or a state has been crushed and demonised for the past 2500 years. Remember that 230 years ago, Madison insisted that the new USA should not be a democracy but a republic and that its principle role should be the protection of ‘the opulent’ against the envious masses.

Madison’s dictum is at the core of the political agenda of the ‘moderates’ in the PLP and in the Labour bureaucracy, and it is driven by visceral contempt and fear of ‘the great unwashed’.

The need to co-create genuinely democratic systems, in which all citizens are able to contribute to policy-making and decision-making processes at every level is probably the essential precursor to the shaping of the economic policies that will replace neoliberalism and lead to sustainable societies

This, in my view, is the key issue for the 21st Century.

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