The Rude Awakening of the Newly Politicised
Julie Noted

The PLP and the Establishment in all its guises has provided hundreds of thousands of people like me with an intensive, invaluable and unforgettable education in political reality. We have realised that that the people leading the New Labour project were not just well-meaning and ultra-cautious figureheads. Behind the PR gloss, they were deeply embedded in and passionate partisans for a system that was designed to serve corporate interests through the hollowing out of the state and its systems of care for ordinary people. We can can now see that New Labour had also created a PLP and a Party apparatus that was determined to serve those very same ends without scruples and at any cost.

As you say, that genie is now out of the bottle. Exposed to the light of day it will shrivel and implode. It will be messy and painful and may take some time, but the days when you could fool all of the people all of the time are now gone forever.

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