How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

Great article, however… You mustn’t forget what’s happening in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Jeremy Corbyn has increased the membership of the UK Labour Party by over 300,000 and whatever happens in this election, those new members are up for the fight.

I’ve written several Medium pieces about Corbyn because I think he represents something surprising and hopeful. My latest is called ‘SHARING ATTLEE’S DNA’. And in case you don’t know, Clement Attlee was the Labour Prime Minister from 1945- 51, and led the most radical and reforming government in our history.

This is not just a struggle in the USA — though you have perhaps the worst problems with your MSM. It is a global sruggle and we need to share our analysis and ideas across every kind of boundary. For example, the straglehold of the coporate media in Latin America is if anything worse than it is in the USA.

Keep at it.

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