Developers update #3

Dear RPICoin community,

Welcome to the third official RPICoin developers blogpost. The RPI developers have been working very hard to on all areas of the RPICoin development. To see what we have accomplished since our previous update continue reading!

About RPICoin:

RPICoin is an open- source cryptocurrency created in 2018, based on the Bitcoin protocol. RPI is a proof-of-stake (PoS) only currency and therefore more energy efficient than proof-of-work (PoW) based currencies. Our vision is to provide an easy to use, super fast with mobile supported staking features. Staking on devices such as: Android, BananaPi, SmartTV’s, RaspberryPI and many other ARM- based devices..🎯 So you can earn up to 45% on your RPICoin investment through staking.

Android wallet:

As outlined on the roadmap we planned the release of the Mobile wallet for Q3 2018. The RPI Team is pleased to announce we have met this milestone ahead of schedule. The official release date of the Mobile wallet was August 10th. The app was rigorously tested and for over a month by the RPI team, with all of the team adding feedback leading to the final release. The Mobile wallet shows excellent performance and functionality. The RPI mobile wallet is true staking wallet connected to the RPI network performing real time staking. A huge thanks to the tireless work of the development team getting this released ahead of time.

Mobile (android) wallet

Wallet Guides:

We have a great guide for the Android mobile wallet and are working on guides for the the other platforms. These are all going to be available in the RPI wiki.

Gaming Platform:

There has been a lot of work going on in the background with the development of the RPI based gaming platform. The development team has been doing some beta testing on the first game to come out on this platform. Still plenty of hard work to go, but some very promising early testing.

RPI Gaming platform

One Paper:

The One Paper outlining the direction and vision for the future of RPI Coin will be released this coming month. A lot of hard work has gone in the One Paper with the core development team outlining the unique direction and powerful use cases for RPICoin. This will give the RPI community a focus for the near future and beyond.

New Telegram Feature:

We now have a tipping bot in Telegram, this allows the Community Managers and Devs to quickly and efficiently pay Bounties and Lottery winners. We can also Tip community members who are making an effort to contribute to the RPI community!

New Social Media Channels:

You can now follow and interact with the RPI team on Facebook and Instagram, so head over and give us a like and a follow.

Bounty Program:

If you haven’t joined already, please join our bounty group on Telegram to earn free RPICoin by performing bounties. Not only do you get rewards, you also help spread the word about RPICoin! We have active bounties for different tasks, be sure to check out our dedicated Bounty & News group on Telegram. With our new system for payouts RPI community members are rewarded quickly and efficiently.


Continuing on with our steady growth and development is the addition of yet another solid exchange listing. The RPI/BTC Pair is now available on CREX24 Exchange.

The past months has seen some great trading of RPI Coin across the exchanges with a couple of big trading peaks from the growing interest in the coin. But like all of Crypto was pushed back by the general market downturn. However there has been some increased activity in the last 2 weeks. Big things are brewing for RPI.

Check it out for yourself on any of the links below.

Crex24 Exchange
Cryptobridge, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Altilly Exchange
Stocks Exchange
Altilly Faucet List
Coingecko listing


● Over 10 million RPI coins have been sent out for rewards and lottery’s
● Knocking on the door of 1000 members in our Telegram Community
● Over 400 members in our Bounty Telegram

Upcoming milestones for Q4:

● One-paper to explain RPI’s vision and thoughts in the near future.
● First online game released on the RPI gaming platform
● Website Development
● Partnership Announcement
● Further Telegram integration

Stay tuned for our developer’s blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the admins on duty. Stay updated by our Twitter account:

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